Be Careful


As the police state attempts to crackdown here in the USSA, the FBI is resorting to some devious tactics in order to monitor all of you more closely. I received a call from this number yesterday>>> 9145302333. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER. When I answered, it was a recorded message from the FBI, asking me if I wanted a FREE surveillance system installed in my home. That’s right, the FBI is randomly calling Americans and asking to install their surveillance equipment at YOUR home, for FREE of course so you all think they are doing you a favor. 


Now since 85 to 90% of the population is clueless, many people will go along with this, thinking they are being protected. It is not for your protection though, it is so they can know even more about what YOU are doing. I almost didn’t think it was real when I heard the call, but then when I realized that most of you will buy into this, I had to get a post up warning those of you in the know about this hustle being propagated by the globalist pig scum who run this sham of a government. Do not let them install anything. Do not give them any of your information. Use your head. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 


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