Is ISON Really a Comet?


Now I am not giving you all any belief nor disbelief that the supposed Comet ISON is or is not in fact a comet, but I will show you all the info so you can see for yourselves and make your own interpretations. Look here at this picture:

    This is what people are saying the comet looks like when you change the exposure, and as you can see, that does not look like any comet I or you have ever seen. There are numerous pics just like this as more and more people are analyzing the photos they receive from NASA and other websites that update ISON images. So we have this:

     And then we have this:      And of course the speculation is already abounding… a spacecraft, the blue star kachina from Hopi Indian prophecies, but again, that is all anyone can really do is speculate until this thing gets closer and actually is supposed to become quite visible in November, some say brighter than a full moon. That is one thing many people ARE in agreement on; that this thing will be a significant celestial event. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you much more because I do not have a telescope powerful enough to see this. That brings me to my next point….

Those who DO have the power to see this thing, why aren’t they giving out much information? One would think that such a “significant celestial event” would be getting thoroughly monitored by numerous observational means, yet all we get are a few pics. Especially now that people are saying that this is something other than a comet, where is the research, where are the scientists explaining anything? The MSM has been full of crap news for days now, distracting everyone. Do you all not see yet? Here, click on the MSM link>>>  Right to CNN, look how bad they are at reporting anything newsworthy, and they are all the same. It’s unfortunate because when something really does go down, you are only going to get the version of the story that they want to tell you as opposed to them just reporting the damn truth. Is it so fucking hard? News happens, you report it. You don’t script news, you don’t script history, but apparently they have and still are and it’s a total fucking mess that has done nothing but misinform and confuse the masses who are already feeble enough as it is.

Just a reminder to those who have been keeping up with my updates on the ARB, the Alien Races Book. Tomorrow is supposedly the big day, and I will be sure to have links and info for all of you as soon as I have it. If you have not watched the video, click the link here>>> the 58 RACES of the ALIEN RACES BOOK   Again, this is my friend Dante who is responsible for this revelation of information. This vid is his and I’m sure he will have something up tomorrow in regards to the ARB’s release. Do not worry, you will be informed. Any coincidence between ISON’s approach and this book’s release?… all we can do is speculate, speculate, speculate, and keep speculating on all of these coincidental coincidences and firsts that are happening more and more every day. What can it all be leading up to and are we soon to find out? Only the unwinding spiral of time will tell. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


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