I am putting together some work for a project via PBSnet. More info to come. Basically, it’s a website that gives me my own little forum to post articles providing information to help you all help yourselves.  Each post will offer some new wisdom or insight into knowledge most people aren’t aware of, but become aware of after they read the article.  I am still working on the name my section,…I am thinking something like “Daily Enlightenment with Simon.” I will be researching and finding out valuable information that I think you all should be aware of, and then posting it in my column. Kind of like what I do here, except it will be a website with other people’s work as well. I’ll be sure to provide all links as they come. This project is just beginning to get underway so be looking forward to more coming in the not-so-distant future. Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to sharing this new forum with all of you. Wide eyes opn. Love to all.



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