Truth Never Told


I made a great discovery this morning. I found a new Youtube channel that I find to be very informative.  This guy’s handle is TruthNeverTold and he has nearly 500 videos… wow, now that’s some work. You can do it to, join us, those who write and research and make videos and post articles. We are here to help everyone help themselves. Knowledge is the only real power you have, take as much of it as you can get while you can get it. So here’s the link to this channel:  Have a look, there’s plenty to watch. Inform yourselves of the real reality. The globalist pig scum are evil, deceptive, manipulating, brainwashing, blood-sucking pieces of shit. And they have an agenda. that agenda involves your enslavement and/or your death. Does that sound like something you want to be part of? Sadly, many just roll over and say, “Yes.” That does not have to be the case though. each one of you has the power inside yourself to decide if you want to live your life living, or live your life enslaved, waiting to die. Make a difference. Detach from their programming and start informing yourselves. Many of you are waking up, but so many are still asleep. One by one, we are waking all of you up. Do you look like a sheep? Then why act like one? Wise up. Rise up. And open your real eyes to realize you have been lied to your whole lives. And they still lie, they are still lying right to your faces via the MSM. Detach and deprogram. Enough on that rant though, before I make this into an essay. Make sure you check out TruthNeverTold’s channel. Great info. Things you all should already know, but most don’t, so be in the know. Wide eyes open. Love to all.



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