Barnaby Jack Killed

   I don’t know much about this guy other than what I’ve read. Here’s a link…CLICK HERE>>>>Famed hacker Barnaby Jack dies a week before hacking convention  This guy once made ATM’s spit out free cash, and was celebrated among the hacker world, making him a prime target to get suicided by the CIA. Who do we have within the last year now…Aaron Schwartz, Michael Hastings, the FPS Russia guy, and I know there are some I am forgetting, all as I said, within a year. All in their 30’s, all working to destabilize the corrupt machine that the globalist pig scum run the world with, all now dead. They are murdering us, they will kill you for speaking the truth and once you become well-known and established, you move right up to the top of their hit list. And here we have yet another one. this just happened so I do not have any more info than what you can read via the link above. Just Google “Barnaby jack” and you’ll find all sorts of articles. Murder is nothing new to the globalists, and you mean nothing to them, but do not let that discourage you. Do the opposite in fact, write more, make bolder statements, if they are going to target you anyway, make yourselves a worthy target, and fight back before they come to get you. They are the weak, they are the scum, they are the side of darkness and evil and they will not be victorious. Stay informed of how this story plays out. He dies just a week prior to a major hacking convention, just like Michael Hastings and Aaron Schwartz, prior to a big event, boom…killed. These events are not coincidental, these guys are getting murdered.

To the murderers I say ,”Fuck you and your agenda you scum of the Earth. You hide in shadows and speak in whispers and treat human beings as though they were sheep. Although that sometimes may be the case, you have no right to come in and end someone’s life because they say and/or believe something you do not agree with. This is not Nazi Germany, not yet anyway, and if you can only push so far before the people push back. We have the numbers you coward pig scum. We have the real power. So fuck you, and your monopoly money, and your power trip egomania. Your agenda has been exposed and it will fail. We will not go down with you. You are a plague , a parasite, and a cancer on this humanity and the world will become golden again when you evil bastards are all dead in the ground. The time of reckoning draws closer by the moment. You know that we know what you are, and now you are scared. But we will not stop. we will share information, spread knowledge, and connect with one another for the love and the sake of this human race. And we will defeat you, because there are so few of you, it is only a matter of time. Globalist pig scum look out. Each one of us you kill adds fuel to the fire raging against your door. You can only hold our fire back for so long. We are the majority, we are the force to be reckoned with. The drip has become a flood and now that flood is about to wash away the old. Wash away, wash away. Wide eyes open. Love to all.”

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