1 Year Anniversary

Yes folks, today marks one year that I have been doing this for all of you. 420 posts of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and information for all of you to use to help you help yourselves. This isn’t hard. You can do it, anyone can do it. All you have to do is write. For some it is difficult to write, but that is what you must do if you want to blog. Just write down your thoughts as they come, everyone has a voice. You talk to yourself all day in your mind don’t you? Just write that. Simple. If you are a researcher, it’s even easier. Then you would just write about what you discover, all very, very easy. I encourage everyone to sign up to WordPress, follow my page, then start blogging.

In case any of you missed it, my prediction came true. A new royal baby was born on Monday. That baby will have more than any of you ever will. But we can’t blame the baby can we, that’s just the hand the little fucker got dealt. The public and the media will idolize over this forever, just another distraction. So many distractions. Click on any news you can find and all you see is royal baby this, royal baby that, as if the whole fucking world stopped turning. The MSM makes me sick. What sort of awful hell has our beautiful world become? Ask anyone who ventures outside America these days how friendly the foreigners are to them. We are a laughing stock of hypocrisy and totalitarianism. 

Babies are born every day, and each one of them is a miracle, but they are just commoners, same as it was 500 years ago. People worship royalty. Why? What the fuck do they care about you? They have so much money that they don’t even see it ever. They just get a little card with unlimited funds. And they go about doing anything and everything they want to do, traveling all over the world, while most everyone else is stuck in their houses watching television because they are too poor to enjoy such luxuries. And that is the way it is. Apparently no one has the balls and/or the means to change it. Most of you aren’t even aware. Reading hurts your fluoridated brains doesn’t it? And if it’s on television, it must be true right? Drones.

Instead of giving to others, sharing the wealth, these globalist pig scum hoard more and more and more making you all exponentially poorer. You mean nothing to them, how many times must I tell you this? They live in a world above the world you live in. To them, you are just pee-ons, animals, a herd that needs to be shepherded. And you love it, you let them do it to you. They have enough money to give every person a pension in order to meet basic needs. Beyond that would be up to you to make more of a fortune for yourself. But that isn’t how it is. Why? Because they have created a system whereby you have to pay paper monopoly money just to live, minus the pension system. That only works if people are free to do the jobs they want to do. Those jobs don’t exist. Barely any jobs exist now especially so how are people supposed to get by?

Why do you think more crime is happening? Why are 100 million Americans getting food assistance? Is this the government’s idea of a “pension plan?” People are fucking starving and dying out here. Go look at the neighborhoods, there are “for sale” signs everywhere. Go out and try to put your college degree to use if you have one. Maybe you’ll get to be a waiter if you’re lucky. This government is pissing and shitting and pirating it’s own citizens and we are letting them do it. Are you afraid? You are aren’t you. It’s so nice to sit in your house and get fat and watch television and mind your own business isn’t it? As long as you don’t give it attention, it must not exist right? 85 to 90% of you think and behave this way, as absurd as it is. Mumpsimuses. Clueless. Misinformed. The American Public.

I’m sort of all over the place a little on this post. There is just so much I want to spell out for you, but I can’t, because most of you do not know how to read the language. Now of course that doesn’t apply to the 10-15%, the enlightened ones. You know who you are, you know you are not part of the herd, so relax. We 10-15% are the middle-ground, the connection. We are here to help the 85 to 90%. Every day, more and more become enlightened and wake up, but also every day more and more people become more mumpsimusized to the program. If I mention these things I tell you all to a group of people who aren’t informed, they look at me like I’m the madman. Because they don’t know, I’m crazy, and that’s their rationale that they stick by. They don’t bend, they think they know it all, when in fact, they know nothing, and they will die knowing nothing and that will sum up their pissy little useless lives.

How many of you can say you make a difference? A real difference? Do you try to awaken people, or do you like to keep them asleep as you are? Do you even know what I am talking about? Do you know what the Allegory of the Cave is? Are you aware that you are controlled, hypnotized, brain-washed, programmed? 85 to 90% of you. But you don’t hear me, none of you do, none of you care. If pretending gets you by, pretend away. The true nature of this reality makes me sick. I fight, I do my part, although it seems to fall on deaf ears, but at least I am trying to wake you fuckers up from your slumbers. Do you like being ruled by a fractional elitist class? Do you like being a little monkey slave puppet to a master that would sooner throw you in the garbage and get a new puppet rather than maintain you? Meat puppets….everywhere. 7 and a half billion and counting, all shitting and pissing and consuming and destroying what’s left of the beauty of this planet. I happen to think the planet has something in mind for this plague you call humanity. A great change yes. You will all see, but I am just a translator. Wide eyes open. Love to all.