Ever Have…

Ever have one of those days where it seems as though you could disappear and not a single person would notice? No one has called, no one has returned your pleasantries and mannerisms, no friends, no family, nothing? Well today is one of those days for yours truly. Just my cat Fritz and I on the 4th of July, apparently feeling slightly poetic.

Does anyone really care? Do people always get trapped in this void from time to time where they seem to not exist? It’s a lonely place, not that the 4th of July is a big deal, but one might assume that at least friends are getting together and that sort of thing. Not here. Not on this day. Just me, Fritz, and a computer. It’s right on the line between the horrible pain of utter loneliness and being so numb to it you don’t let yourself care anymore. Ugh…. mental anguish…. or fuck it, enjoy YOU time. Idk. I may come back on here today. In Egypt, it sounds like some real fun. Wait until you see what that boils into. So maybe I should just enjoy these days where nothing is going on at all, at least relatively close to me is going on. NOTHING.Today I am a ghost. No one sees a ghost, no one hears a ghost, but some people can feel a ghost. And for those who think I am just feeling sorry for myself, go fuck yourselves. Those who says it’s a cold world and that’s just how it is… You are heartless, cold-minded, mumpsimus drone slaves. Your love has been lost with your souls and replaced with machine minds. Have the balls to express yourselves before you troll on what I express. They may have you, but they’ll never have me. I have no fear of death and I would rather die living and believing as I choose than to be some slave to some master. Where has all the love gone? Seriously? But again, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just the wicked one and you are all good and righteous and I just find ways to scrap and survive from your table. Some of you would like to believe that I’m sure, but I would rather be the most poor man in the world than to force myself to think and act as most of you do. Chained to the floor, prisoners in your caves. Remember, only one enlightened one leaves the cave, so which are you, the prisoner, or the free man/woman? What would you rather die as? Death is coming for us all, you better know the answer for you, not for them. Wide eyes open. Love to all. 


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