Alone on the 4th?


No, you aren’t, we are all alone together, just temporarily by ourselves. Ahhh… loneliness.  Just another day. And what does this particular day really even represent anymore, especially this year? I saw some post about everyone doing nothing on the 4th to protest this tyrannical government globalist pig scum regime taking over. Sounds good to me. So if you are alone as well, don’t sweat it. No need to give into depression yet again over it. Have a smoke and a pancake and at least appreciate it as a day to excuse doing anything at all. No one may care about each other, but we can all care about ourselves. And if no one gives a shit about you enough to even wish you a Happy 4th, wtf is the point of dealing with it at all? Maybe it’s just me, maybe there are celebrations everywhere. Do they even know what they are celebrating about? Drinking and fireworks? How do you think the 4th is going over in Egypt? A nation of ignorance, self-centeredness, and no love… the land of the free… the USSA. Sometimes I wonder if this is actually hell, you know? It hurts to be lonely sometimes, but remember, you always have yourselves. Wide eyes open. Love to all.

One comment on “Alone on the 4th?

  1. like mentioned, there is a limit to humans capacity to cope with pain – thtat of the body, he wents unconscious, if the swtich off is not blocked (sure they used it), and there is a capacity of what human can bear with his mind. The image forgery makes news not only not news but unreal, while most will just ignore media news in reaction, because they can’t make sense. It prevents normaly a brain damage, since it normally a reaction to a physical injury, or porsoned food – since it is just the some people doing this knowing how brains works, it will stop most people from coping with what happens, all others can got a little bit out of order.-..t A human mind has a capacity of endure the “unreal” feeling – the knowing of white noise news, of the mrt, nlp, quantmech psychology can maybe of some defense – there are more methods, basically its done with talking about this, while not talking it out – since most people seem to be already broken? flodded? or whatrever… its a matter of time… – recalibration is not possible alone. I dont know what the reason finally will be. PPl should be too dizzy too think and repetive, and not able to consume more information that, basic already given information. This make it easy to change the world, but maybe it will also switch the life our in with the durance.


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