48 Hour Alert


eye-04Yes that’s right, there is a 48-hour alert being issued by yours truly. The forces have informed me that there will be a global event within the next 48 hours. Remember, I am only the translator. I have no bias either way, i am only informing you of what I have been informed of and as I said, the forces have shown me part of the puzzle before it comes together this weekend. Now don’t get all worried, don’t be afraid, don’t give in to fear, all this is is an alert. I do not know the nature of said incident, I do not know exactly where or when, but nonetheless, here it is… your 48-hour alert….  

There are numerous plausible possibilities which I am not going to go into to fuel speculation. Just know that this weekend, yet another globally significant event will occur. I am aware that i said I would offer no more predictions, well the forces convinced me otherwise and they haven’t misled me once yet. The pope resignation, the Russian “meteorite,” all time-stamped before they actually occurred. The forces work in mysterious ways. Don’t alter your course due to anything I may or may not say, just know that in 48 hours, there will be something new, another first perhaps. My own inklings are telling me to keep my eyes on the sky, but again, let’s not speculate on anything. What will happen will happen, no matter what insights the forces offer. Be aware, wide eyes open, love to all. 

2 comments on “48 Hour Alert

    • Thx for reading/watching. My subscribers are why I do what I do. All of this is for you all to use to help you help yourselves. Share this info, wake up. If you are awake, help others see the light of truth. We are all in this together. They want to suppress information from you. Fuck them. they are globalist pig scum and their demise is imminent. There are great changes right around the corner. We all have to be ready. We will face unprecedented decisions, we will see change as we have never seen before. The spiral is so tight now, moving so fast. We are moving from the 1 and 1 to zero point. Right now, yes. I can go on and on, but I want you to read for yourselves. I get really into all this in my archives. Plz take the time to look, it is here for you, take it all while you can. Again, thx to all my readers/watchers. You are all powerful beings of light and energy. This 3rd dimensional reality we are all in is very temporary. There is so much more to come. Wide eyes open. Love to all.


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