4 Solar Flares in 48 Hours

I know most of you are aware by now, but if you aren’t… well, the title says it all. 4 X-class solar flares have popped off in the last 72 hours, but within a 48 hour span within that 72 hour time frame AND… Moving animated star shining    …there may have been more since earlier today, I just haven’t looked yet. I’m about to check it out for you, but trust me, you will know if there is something to worry about. Check out http://helioviewer.org  …and see for yourselves. 

And in case you didn’t know, those flares missed Earth, but came from the region that is at this very moment, turning Earth-side. Animated asteroid hits exploding planet    …don’t let this animation scare you,… I’m mind-fucking you… Bright sunny day with a few passing clouds       …… this better?…

The fact is that the Sun doesn’t really care methinks so when it burps, there isn’t much anyone can do to prepare for that killshot if it comes. They are neat to watch though… 

     …yes, I looked for animations, and I can make them myself, but I’ll let you all have the fun of that by going about it on your own accord. Just an update on our Sun from your humble translator. Stay alert, wide eyes open. Love to all. 



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