Mother’s Day

mothers day animated photo: mothers day ani-happyMothersDay24.gif



Today, as many of you know, is Mother’s Day. Now I am not sure if they honor this day all over the world, but here in the mighty USSA we do. So if you are celebrating this day, be sure to be extra nice to your mother today. Had it not been for certain circumstances, you may not have been born. On that note, give an extra hug to your moms for letting their proverbial guard down one lone night long ago and/or actually planning to have you. And to my own mother, many hugs and kisses. Mom, you are a saint and thanks for always being there for your rambunctious son. You are the best mom ever. Big cheers to that.
And if by chance you do not honor your mother on this day because you live in some other country that doesn’t honor mothers, if you are reading this then go do something nice for your mothers today anyway. Does there need to be a holiday for you to be nice to your moms? Regardless, appreciate your mothers and all they’ve done for you today and remember, without them there would be no you. Think about it. On that note, Happy Mother’s Day to moms around the world and as always, love to all. 



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