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It’s either today or tomorrow I’m picking up on. I said I would make no more predictions, but I am going to give you all the knowledge that the forces have shown me anyway. There is nothing specific. There is only light, I see Arab and Asian warriors. I see American and Russian forces. I see chaos, confusion, a great sadness throughout the populous. Now this isn’t anything certain, only a possibility. What I really see is a lot of people who are afraid, scared of everything, always worrying. Your fear is what keeps you down, keeps you from rising yourselves back up. Everyone’s vibration is rising, but most don’t it and can’t understand it. That spiral is getting tighter, ascension to a higher dimension is real, real because that is where we all fell from, so very long ago. This time now is one of the greatest times to be in. There are some who may be able to transcend death this round, there are some who will ascend to exist in a higher dimension. Most however, will reincarnate again, and again and again, until they finally figure out that it has nothing to do with the institution of religion. That shit is just here to keep you all scared… mass control, and it works. Not only does it work, it makes them the wealthiest entity on the planet. Now why would any sort of God need money? 

All you idiots that tithe and quote scriptures all the time need to wake up and grow up. Back up and look at what you do, it’s freaky, kinda bizarre and definitely strange,….strange, strange, and then there are those strange rituals. Why? Organized religion was designed to control the masses, it has nothing to do with some heaven or hell, wow you people are gullible. Your bible, NOT LITERAL. Written nearly 2000 years ago, the original one anyway, and so many people still believe it like it’s quote “the gospel truth.” Ugh, this humanity. So many who are weak, have no faith in themselves. All your religion, all of your church, is inside of YOU, there is no need to go to some building, listen to some preacher, he is a master and you are a slave. Always filling out your slave roles, no matter what you are. If you are going to act like a slave, then just BE a slave. Turn on your tv, eat a bunch of junky, fatty, processed food and meat, and wait for your master’s next command. 

Enough of that though. It bothers me when I have to think about how weak and scared you all are. Even the ones of you who think you have it licked, you still fear. If the sky started collapsing, would you be afraid? If a 3 mile high wave were coming at you and you knew you were fucked, would you be afraid? If war and global conflict breaks out, will you be afraid? 

Well all of that is coming, believe it or do not. The globalist pig scum are working their agenda perfectly. Bombings they blame on terrorists. Who’s the real terrorist? And the sad part is that innocent people get hurt as a result of their fucked up agenda, but they don’t care. Moving on, allegations of more WMDs, more chemical weapons apparently in Syria. AND…. coincidentally there is a story that two missiles were fired at a Russian passenger plane from Syria. TWO events at relatively the same time, false flags or not, now the USSA has the excuse they need to go in there to unleash war. That war is only going to spiral right along with time into a global conflict of sorts and then,… Idk. 

See, most people do not realize that it doesn’t have to be the USSA or Russia that destroys the planet and everyone on it via nuclear warfare. India and Pakistan have enough nuclear weaponry pointed at one another that they could destroy us all if they were to unleash hell upon one another. And what you don’t see too much of on the MSM fake news is that they are walking a very fine line between minor war and major nuclear war. Daily bombings, suicide attacks, rocket attacks, every fucking day. It’s a war zone over there, but your fake MSM news only gives you what they are told to give you. The american MSM is nothing but a team of actors. From the top down, actors. Anchors-actors, Crisis victims-actors, eyewitnesses-actors, and so on…. It’s so bad and blatantly obvious at this point but ehhh…. they are pig scum working for pig scum. That’s their whacked out trip, not mine. 

Well get ready to see more. Oh yes, this is only the start. They have an agenda and they are not going to stop. Do you understand? NO, no, no….. do YOU understand? Can you imagine the police state? It isn’t hard. Have you seen/read 1984Image  

ImageImage      Quite intimidating isn’t it?…and notice the logic in the propaganda poster to the left. Thought police, big brother always watching you, forbidden words and books and knowledge, looks exactly like the path you are all walking on, the road THEY are guiding you all down, hypnotized by the spell of consumerism and novelty. What about Brave New World?   Image   Have you swallowed this pill yet? All of you divided into classes. Is that not already a fact? There are the Alphas, the leaders, the most intelligent as far as that society goes. The Betas, not quite as smart, are just right below the Alphas. Each group is assigned a plus or minus as well for better classification. Now below them is the herd, well their version of it. Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons,… each one decreasing in worth as the order descends. For instance, Gammas don’t have opinions, they are like greeters and waiters, things like that. Deltas are the working class, just smart enough to focus on one main task which they do their whole lives. And the Epsilons are the literal shit of their organized means of reproduction. They clean the streets, handle garbage, etc… Everyone regularly consumes drugs and engages in sex. Consumerism and novelty are central. There is no longer love, or marriage, or unplanned pregnancy. Here’s a link for you all: SparkNotes: Brave New World  That link gets you to some cliffnotes, so you can read for yourselves. And as a side note, do you all know where the title originates? It is Shakespearian… 

“O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t.”
William ShakespeareThe Tempest, Act V, Scene I, ll. 203–206
As you can see, it is from The Tempest. I wrote about a tempest not too long ago, check the archives. I love the way these things recycle themselves, do you not? Anyhow, familiarize yourselves with Brave New World and 1984. If I ever mention words like “thought police,” or “big brother,” or “Malthusian belt,” or “soma,” I hope you all know what I am referencing. Now, pay close attention to the rhetoric that this fascist dictatorial regime spits out onto all of you. Yes that’s right, they spit on you. Anyway, pay very close attention. I am already noticing their deceptions unfolding. Do you think they care if anyone knows? Fuck no, and you wanna know why? Because they know that 85 to 90% of you are too blind, deaf, and dumb to notice. They know the herd just wants to be left own alone to graze on the grass of ignorance. But guess what sheeple, they are coming for you first, and all they have on their minds is slaughter. They harvest people, and harvest time approaches very soon. Oh this humanity. I don’t wana talk about this anymore. When i think of the loss and waste of so many of you,… well, it just sucks and it’s a sad world we have all been thrown into together because a fractional >1% power elite fuck it up for everyone trying to control everyone and making them debt slaves to fake paper money, convincing you all that you need THEM, when in the real reality, they need YOU. So keep thinking backwards, keep giving in, you aren’t worth anything anyway right? What’s that? You ARE worth some thing you say? Then why don’t you fucking act like it? Get your fat asses off of your couches, turn off those God-damn televisions, stop consuming all the time, and get out into the world, back outside, enjoy the Sun, Nature, take walks, ride a bike, exercise, stop eating processed animal flesh. We were not made to eat that shit, yet so many of you do. It is on YOU to motivate yourselves to get back to your true selves, your higher selves. 6 out of 7 don’t hear me though…. the mumpsimuses. My oh my oh my… and with those Boston terror attacks, the government will waste little time extended their dark hand of security around all of you, squeezing tighter and tighter until you all have no where to go except inside your own houses. That is exactly what they want, and they will die trying to make it happen. Would you die to keep it from happening?
You all think you have to make tough choices now, just wait. i’m not trying to fear monger or scare anyone, these are just the realities and if you do not see them for what they are, you miss the bigger picture. Got It? Continuing, most of us can still go outside, enjoy a nice sunny day , walk around, drive around, to wherever we want. What if they imposed martial law? Curfews, ID cards, RFID chips in your skin, total control over what you say, where you go, who you see. No more guns for you.  Seems impossible, but guess what?…it’s already happened before. Nazi Germany, same program. Communist China, same program. Cambodia, same deal, and it goes on and on. These globalist pig scum are so deep into their own bullshit, I’m not even sure they know what all is going on.
But they do know enough to keep controlling all of you because you just roll over and let them, crying, “what can I do, what can I do?” Get off your fucking asses and research, discover, learn, and join us in the information war. No one can be excluded, this info war is about pure good and pure evil. It is very real. There is a constant flux between the truth and their truth. We are fighting to remove that flux to bring the real reality to all of you, even though of you can’t handle it now, you will someday. I do have faith in the 85 to 90%. One by one, they wake up, and often what begins as a small hole becomes an abysmal chasm, or think of the leak in the bucket I’ve told you all about… starts a few drips, then becomes a trickle, then a leak, then a flood. Well that flood has become a torrent and that torrent set the new world order’s agenda on fire. Will that fire destroy them?….
Stay alert, keep your eyes open, there are events coming very very soon. I can feel it. The puzzle pieces reveal that it can happen any time, in numerous places. Get ready. No, I don’t mean guns and bunkers, I mean get ready inside. The only true way to get through the great change is to let your ego die. When your ego dies, so does your fear, and what was once fear evolves into boundless courage. There threats are all parlor tricks, illusions, smokescreens, and misdirections. Have the balls to look at it for what it is and to see right though their bullshit. As I’ve mentioned before, their juggernaut is on fire, and as it collapses, they will try to incinerate as many of you as they can. But no matter what they do, they are powerless against those who do not fear them. They are the parasite, not you. Don’t allow the parasite to take YOU, the host,  down with them. Be safe everyone, wide eyes opening wider. Love to all. 


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