Nazi Disney

See this with your own eyes. If you have already, cheers, inform someone else maybe. If not, take 8 minutes to watch this insane cartoon from yes, the one and only Walt Disney. I don’t know what exactly they are trying to convey here and/or what kind of audience this is meant for. Just watch and see. What one phrase do you take from this? Seig Heil’s left and right, along with Heil Hitlers, what the fuck is this actually supposed to be doing to some one who watches it? No wonder that generation seems brainwashed,… geez… this is almost unreal. And yes, there are more. Seems many are aware, but I’d wager that most are not. Several cartoons, just as bizarre and propaganistic as these. Brainwash hypnosis programming straight into your brain via alpha waves, which reminds me,… watch with caution. I am serious. The repetition of those two aforementioned phrases sticks in your mind,…imagine that, right?… so plz proceed accordingly…i.e., know what sort of pool you are diving into before you jump. And definitely don’t let your kids watch. From Walt Disney, yes, enjoy.

And as a bonus, check this out. PROGRAMMING: DISNEY PRODUCTIONS These things cannot be made up, so you need to wake up. Explains a lot about the mentality of a big chunk of that generation, doesn’t it? Wide eyes open.

>>>>Click here>>>

And it goes on and on and on, I will consider this/these bizarre cartoons from early 1940’s Walt Disney, that are QUITE clearly and QUITE obviously war propaganda, part of today’s discoveries. Here’s a link to one more and I’m done: It’s called The Thrifty Pig. Have a look and just go from there,… most of these cartoons are linked to one another somehow. Happy hunting. Love to all. 



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