YOU know, when I started this thing, I tried to envision what YOU might all be experiencing by this time, and here we are…in this crazy tangent. And now, this week, here it comes. I’ve told YOU and told you and told you and told you and told you and told you and told YOU all over and over and over again… IT IS COMING. Faster and faster, but I cannot just come on here with some ‘I told YOU so’ attitude, come on now. There is still time for anyone and everyone to stop being afraid to open their eyes and see the truth. The other day I told some gas station attendant about the horror in Boston, and the first thing she said back to me,” What is a marathon?” So what more can I say to YOU?

The 85 to 90% of the population’s over-whelming ignorance and obliviosity to everything that is really real, astounds me beyond words. They are beyond help, we cannot get through to the mumpsimus, but now I am starting to understand that is just the way it must be. Because when the great change comes, they will lose themselves inside their own fear, inside their own egos, they will consume themselves in their own distorted perceptions of what this reality truly is. 85 to 90%. 6 out of every 7, look around you. Now look at the world population, 7 billion+…. minus 6 billion, and that is exactly what they want. YOU, well most of YOU, are the herd, YOU are the sheeple, YOU are being harvested in a way YOU will never comprehend. YOU choose to let them do this to YOU all, YOU even like it, YOU love it. Why?

I could sit here all day and speculate on all these orchestrated theatrics used to guide YOU all into believing one thing or the other, but the reality, MY reality anyway, it does not affect me like it affects YOU because I am freeing myself from their program. I am just here to translate for YOU all, but I cannot be here forever. The time is coming when I will no longer be able to help YOU all via this venue, no one will. YOU will all have to help YOU. This is only the beginning…what do YOU think is going to happen very, very soon as a result of these events? The show, their show, has only just begun, and YOU are all on their guestlist and YOU cannot wait to enjoy the program. 

In order to speak to all of YOU, I must simultaneously speak to the 85/90%, the 10/15%, and the >1%. Do YOU think this is easy? Grow some balls and do it yourselves then if YOU have some issue with anything I say or tell YOU. YOU don’t know what I know, YOU don’t do what I do. But YOU can all be where I’m at if you just open your eyes and stop being afraid. Now that these “events” have occurred, their security has every excuse to extend itself to it’s fullest authority over all of YOU. And here they come. No more predictions for you all though, the future is for YOU to shape for YOU if YOU can’t let go of your egos and the fear inside those egos. Again however, and YOU could never imagine how deeply it saddens me, 85 to 90%, don’t even have the capacity to comprehend any of these things we tell YOU. All Deltas, the mumpsimus level of the human species, 85/90%, so fucking many of YOU. 

Now where are we? In the middle of some nexus of the universe before a spiral completely winds, then unwinds itself for all the universe to bear witness too, while we all actually go through the experience ourselves? That sounds about right, and as this spiral tightens from the 2 to the 1 + 1, YOU will all see the energies from this tightening manifest themselves into 3rd dimensional events. Ugh… most of YOU, do not listen, do not hear, do not even speak the same language. Now for those in the same bracket as your narrator, the 10/15%, those who aren’t afraid to swim out to the deep end, what is coming for us? Well YOU should know that I cannot reveal such things, because I do not know yet. Remember, no more predictions, there is only light, lots of light and it sings. It is the Universal Mind, Source, whatever “word” YOU choose to define it. Regardless of anything, YOU are all part of it, even if 85 to 90% of YOU have no clue what IT really is. YOU are all so scared, worried, afraid of anything and everything,… why? 

YOU are all energy, boundless, unlimited, indestructible energy. There is no force that can destroy YOU. These bodies are only shells, little cars YOU ride around in here in this 3rd dimensional reality. When YOU drive your cars, YOU are progressing through the 4th dimension of time. However, at this point in this dimension of time, your cars are beginning to move rather quickly aren’t they? Everything moves so quickly, and you find that your needs are met more hastily; faster, faster, faster like Willy Wonka’s boat. At first YOU didn’t notice did YOU? Life was going to be a life of getting old while the world around YOU progressed without destroying itself.  That isn’t going to be the case though now is it? That is no reason to fear, to panic, to lose one’s self to their ego. So let it go, just let go of that fear, breathe it out, that is not YOU, that is them, and their infectious programming. Your ego is not YOU, your soul is YOU, remember?

As I said earlier, I don’t know how much longer I will be doing this, or be able to do this. Heck, all this exists on is an electric current. No more electricity, where am I, but more importantly, where are YOU? Do YOU have a plan if it all goes sideways? Can YOU really plan for anything unprecedented? 85/90% of YOU are already fucked, so that leaves 10/15% of us to well… what the fuck are we going to do? What if we get swept away in whatever consumes the mumpsimus? I’d like to think not, but YOU never really do know until it happens do YOU? Question marks everywhere, that means there are answers to be found, but I cannot find them all for YOU, YOU must find them for yourselves. Be brave YOU souls of light, be brave. Wide eyes open, what do the eyes YOU see through see? Love to all. 


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