BREAKING…Another East Coast Fireball


Holy shit people, I didn’t expect prediction 3 to come so fast. Look at the timestamp on the last post AND…guess what? Yours truly saw it. That’s right, I have never seen anything like this with my own 2 eyes in my life. Seen plenty of shooting stars, but this looked just the like vids of that meteorite in Chelyabinsk, Russia..VERY BRIGHT, no sonic boom. This thing also had a long “tail.” I will illustrate; I am in a room that is a lofty one-bedroom, by lofty I mean 2nd floor. The window to the north is to the right of my computer desk. I just happened to turn my head to look out at the night sky and WHAM…there it is, coming in fast, going eastish to westish. I had no time to even think of getting anything to film it, so I am hoping someone else gets footage, at least so i can reassure myself I am not having some hallucination. I ran right outside to see what I could see but now it is just quiet, very quiet, and a lot of stars, cool crescent moon. Damn, how can you all believe me if I am not sure…NO, fuck that, I know my eyes couldn’t deceive me like that, unless I was hypnotized somehow. Maybe because I made prediction 3, some subconscious suggestion slipped in and made me see something. Al I can do is hope one of you out there caught this too. Now if I hit the mark, that is THREE, YES THREE, predictions of something global with follow up fireballs, and for me to witness for myself event 3…Idk…wide eyes open wider…so have a look, here’s a link:  …this is footage of the Russian meteorite, going east to west at a downward slope, just like I saw only minutes ago. No explosions as bright as the Russian fireball, but it got bright and it was...flashy sort of. Quite bright, but all over and done with in seconds. So I cannot prove anything unless someone else happened to see this. I have gone over it and over it and over it again and again and again and I know what I saw. Either I really saw this, or my eyes have been tricked into seeing large fireball-like objects shooting across the sky. Still a little shocked, but in a good way, so no worries. I want to see more of course, or do I? Because right before I saw this I had just seen that some rather sizeable earthquakes are happening around the world now as well, along with other anomalies. Go here>>>  AND……………..OR here>>>  Both of the sites are live, at least they claim to be. Gah…I am running out of words, I’m still trying to recall those few seconds as best I can. More to come I am sure of that. Widening eyes open wider,… love to all.


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