Crazy Shit in March 2013

This is a great video compilation of many of these firsts I keep telling you all about…and this is in only last month,… what else is coming? I’ve told you, there is a great change, how much more evidence will you need? But no worries, what is coming IS coming, so when it gets here, we will se how it all plays out. Now I am NOT religious at all. I claim no religious affiliation. As I’ve said many times before, it is nothing more than a mass control apparatus, and it works on most of you, you 85 to 90%. This video makes references to these “events” all being biblical, that’s up to you to believe or not. It’s a book, a book of stories. Do you believe nursery rhymes are real too?

It all boils down to interpretation. Yes, it is unusual that some of these catastrophic events were somewhat detailed in parts of the bible, but let’s not be naive people. Stop relying on a book to shine some light in your dark lives, the light is inside YOU, not in some book, not in some program, all the energy you need is right inside you and always has been…they just suppress you all and keep you down, bu I’m not going into one of my tangents right now. You automatons don’t hear shit, actually you do hear, but you do not listen, so I will have to show it to you…hence this video. Have a look, go through my archives, I have put all of this together for all of YOU, not for me. I already know what I need to do and where I’ll be…I’ll be fine, it’s you people that are going to get caught up in your own fear when it all comes down. I don’t care that 85 to 90% are mumpsimusized, I’m still here, trying to help you all help yourselves…but it’s up to YOU to make the choices, it’s up to YOU to open your eyes and see the real reality. Watch this video, share it, wake others up, do your part, play your role, stop wasting your time being enslaved to a program. You are free, but you do not act like it, even though you think you do. Smarten up, much more is otw, you can believe that. Stay informed, wide eyes open. Love to all.


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