The Final Seconds?


The more crap i see, the more I am certain that the great change is maybe only moments away. This insanity cannot go on. The globalist state is becoming real, people obsessing over celebrities, WW3 any moment, all being orchestrated by an agenda you all should know about and be aware of but guess what?…. 85 to 90% of you are hypnotized and brain-washed. they are flying bombers, sinkholes are appearing everywhere, various bolides (meteors,asteroids,etc.) all of a sudden happening, comets everywhere, firsts in climate changes, record heat, record cold, all happening now, more and more, closer and closer, faster and faster, just like I’ve said. But like I said, 6 out of 7 of you have no idea. Geez, what more can i fucking say? It has to happen to where all of you can see it for you to get it, that’s the only way. That time is coming, the time of the great change is coming. But as I’ve always told my readers, maybe i’m just an over-imaginative madman. believe what you want, just here to translate. Stay informed. It’s coming. Love to all. 



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