The Great Change

You are all on the precipice. As soon as the North Korea psy-op fires off, the planet falls into global conflict. Any day now, YES, any fucking minute you are going to see breaking news, ” North Korea fires nuclear weapon” and the the world will really start changing. Think about the events happening since dec 21,2012…were the Mayans right? Think about it. Has it not all been changing since then? Numerous firsts and as that spiral tightens, now it’s at 2… Maybe 1 and 1, closing in on zero point. And guess what, the globalist pig scum are planning on it bc they orchestrated it. If you only new the dynamic of puppetry, mind control, hypnosis, but you 85/90%, clueless. It’s coming any moment, how aware are you? Can you handle it? It’s going to be very intense, but there will be the silver lining. Where do you stand? Do you even know? When day turns to night in a flash, what do you do? These things aren’t meant to frighten you, they are preparing you. What kind of illusory ideal of a future are you stuck to? Let go. The war is real, the war is coming, the collapse, the great change, the rebellion. But I’m just some crazy guy that knows nothing more than my paranoid delusions of some nonexistent apocalyptic future. I know nothing. I just translate. YOU take what you take, I am just what I am. Trying to help you or I’m feeding your subconscious with fear… What do you think? I’ve told you to wake up, find love, find your true divine self, deprogram, detach, ascend,but sure, I’m just some madman midget troll follower, all I say is insanity, right? I have haters, everyone does. They do not get it, so they instinctively aggress. The mumpsimuses, the real trolls, that know nothing but the hatred that comes from the fear in their ego. The 85/90%… I told you, the herd. They are lost, grazing on that grass of ignorance. Their fear will dictate their demise when the great change comes. Believe me or not, hate me, call me crazy, if you all knew what I know…. Never mind. Eat your GM food, fluoridate yourselves, watch your tv, call us crazy. So many throughout history were “crazy” until the masses of asses finally got it. What are you? Do you like the herd, following, slave from birth to slaughter,you do… 85/90% of you DO. How I ended up here IDK… To help you help yourselves. All 20 of you that actually read what I put do much into, is that it? Write a fucking book or two that most of you will never know of bc you don’t read, that another contribution? This world is do fucked up it breaks my heart so bad my soul hurts. So many of you are gone, or maybe I’m gone. Either way, the distance is real and all I want go do is help you see before it’s too late. These words are just wasted time. None of you listen, but I’m still here for you. Love to all.


2 comments on “The Great Change

    • I’m aware…North Korea is part of the orchestration of the globalist pig scum. Unfortunately, 85 to 90% of the population are unaware of that fact. Thx for reading and commenting.


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