North Korea

So what are these fuckers going to do? Each day, the world grows closer to whatever decision North korea’s young leader makes. Why do these people seem so confident that they have a chance against the world in a nuclear war? Are they just stark raving mad, brainwashed by the propaganda of a lunatic? Look at the fanaticism in these images:

a1nkoreakim1 a2nkoreaheilkim a3nkoreafistheil a6nkoreamenmarch a5nkoreawomenmarch akorea77

Even the women, marching for war. They are all programmed to kill everyone else but themselves it seems. Why? Is there more to this? Is North Korea and Kim Jung whatever just a part of the illuminati agenda? What are they waiting on? All this talk, talk, talk, talk and no action. What are these globalist pig scum playing at? I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I do know exactly how deceptive they are trying to be and just because we cannot see their plan just yet, it’s obvious it is there and they are implementing their agenda whether you like it or not.

Remember, you are nothing to them. On the world stage, the general population are just numbers, sheep, the herd. They do not make you into sheeple, YOU do. Instead of blaming everything else for your situation, blame yourself, then get your ass into a better situation. It’s not rocket science, even though 85 to 90% of you don’t get it. It will be interesting to see the herd react to a nuclear assault. The fear will be overwhelming, causing those 85 to 90% to freak out and panic…. chaos of an unprecedented magnitude. This isn’t some distant future, this is NOW people. Yes oh yes, any fucking day now, all North Korea must do is push their button and then BOOM… into WW3 we go and the global cataclysm that ensues. It’s coming, whatever you think you believe in, believe this, WAR IS COMING. Your masters want it, and so they shall get it. Their plan is to reign in order from that chaos, they are steps ahead of all of you. Most of you are totally unaware, clueless, mumpsimuses. What will it take to wake you automatons up? You’re going to find out…real soon. Better get your heads out of your ignorant asses, masses of asses, blinded by ignorance, yes, that is what 85 to 90% of you are. You are lost, beyond help, but that’s your bag, that’s your lame trip. Those who are awakened have just begun to remember their cosmic journey and the true nature of being. The love inside those of us who are awakened will carry us through to the other side of your 3rd dimensional global conflict. We are ascending beyond the limitations of ego. We are truly free. Are you? Or are you slaves? Slaves to your debts, and your bills, and your corrupt government? You are, aren’t you? 

But it isn’t too late to snap out of the hypnosis. You can do it, stop being afraid. Why are you scared? does pain scare you? pain is temporary. Does dying scare you? Dying frees your soul from the confines of this dimension of form and matter. You become boundless energy again when you leave your mortal shell. You become truly free as your true self, your Divine self. Can’t get there until you get through this madness of a reality first. Just be in the moment. Love every second. Don’t hate the 85 to 90%, they are ignorant of the fact that they too can evolve. In their own time perhaps but again, that’s their trip, worry about YOUR trip. This North Korea thing is their springboard for WW3. Just back up and look at the puzzle as it comes together. You will see for yourselves. Stay alert. Eyes wide open. Love to all. 



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