Black Ops… 2

Image     Yes, that’s right, i am going to be talking about a video game. Some of you know, some of you play, some of you have no clue. Now my stance on video games… I have always been a gamer, quite the hardcore gamer actually. I love video games. Now does that contradict all I have told you about deprogramming yourselves? Aren’t video games as mindless as television? Sure, to some people. It also depends on the types of games you play, and how the time you play corresponds to how you spend the rest of your time. Wait, wait, wait, isn’t this same ideology applicable to television? You can go back and forth all day trying to argue this point, blah, blah blah. Here’s the story, can you dig it?

Some video games are relatively pointless. Some video games are played over and over again, just like watching a television show or a movie over and over again. Some video games take up so much of your time, that you lose touch with yourself and your reality. Now in that sense, clearly gaming becomes unhealthy for you all around. Good example, people who play WoW…World of Warcraft. This game consumes you. Just like television, just like over-eating, just like drugs, this game and games like this consume you while you consume them. I played for a few months several years ago. Sure, it was lots of fun. It’s a whole fake world that you can run around in seemingly forever doing whatever you want more-or-less. Read that last sentence again… FAKE world. Yes, it is a FAKE world, not real. But just how fake is it to those who spend the majority of their time in said fake world? All about perception…perception and perspective.

So what makes a game like CoD:Black Ops 2 different? I am actually really glad that I have an example like this to use. If you’ve played any of these, you know, even if you don’t know that you know. What you know is that these games are virtual combat simulators. What you know is that these games have improved, more and more, to the point of stark realism. And the more these improve, the more you love them. Now why is that? Why is it that millions of players love CoD, love to kill, love headshots, love the graphic content? Hell, I like it…I don’t love it, but I appreciate it for what it is. And what exactly is “it?”

“It” is that the powers that be cleverly getting military technology into the hands of the Western population. These games don’t just look like training programs… they ARE training programs. They train the players in assault and survival tactics in a world where global conflict has become the norm. Not exactly the real world yet, but certainly not a fake world the way this reality is going. These games are desensitizing all players to death, violence, and the overall horror of war and conflict. And it isn’t just people death…

Image     Yep, zombies too. Now right now there may be a part of you thinking I am some sort of hypocrit. Zombies aren’t real, the world isn’t at war. Not yet… but can you see the future? I myself, cannot see the future, but I can see the pieces of the puzzle, and if use your brain, you can make out what the puzzle will look like before the pieces have come together. Maybe those in power know of the atrocities to come,… the global conflict, a disease that zombifies people, as I said earlier, not the real world yet, but not plausibly a fake world either, is it?

Being positive, negative, optimistic, or critical matters not. The reality is that this reality is spiraling faster and faster toward it’s own oblivion. Should the world dissolve into chaos and planetary conflict, how can you prepare? You really can’t, but you can have subconscious inclinations to better handle what is coming. Desensitizing you to that reality of societal cataclysm, is that a bad thing? Do you really want the shock and awe to hit you all full force when it gets here? Do you really want to keep trying to convince yourselves that this existence is going to somehow improve before it gets worse? You are only fooling yourselves with that kind of ignorance. Wake up.

Now I am not telling all of you to run out and by this and play it religiously to train for some future apocalyptic world war 3. I am just illustrating the true purpose of this game and the other CoD games and/or other games like this. The reason this one stands out so much however is the storyline. To know what I mean, you will have to play or you can see it online somewhere maybe. The story mode, the campaign, is very… revealing, you could say. The story shows that this game is a training program, but it’s like the story wants you to know this fact. It’s bizarre. They know what they are doing, and now it’s to the point where they not only do not care if you know, they want you to know. Now this doesn’t make sense if you haven’t played the campaign, but if you have, you should get it. 

Many of you have no idea what this post is about, and probably never will. Let’s hope that I am wrong in some way, even though I am not. The future has not gotten here yet, and none of us knows exactly how it will play out. I’m fairly adept at this game and the other CoD games because I like knowing in the back of my mind what I have learned playing these games. Maybe that knowledge will save my ass someday, maybe it won’t. But at least I have it either way. Before you try to judge or condemn, think about YOU…what do YOU have? Know your facts before you rush to critique. I know some of you hate, that’s your trip. Stay out of mine if you don’t like what I have to share. I am here for you all yes, but guess what?… I am also here for ME, just like all of YOU should be. Worry about yourselves. Stay informed. My eyes are wide open, how are yours? Gotta know before you can grow. Be aware. And any other cliched endings you want to hear….no worries. Love to all. 


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