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My 2nd book, Start By Doing, is live and available for purchase on Amazon. As I am sure you can reason, I have a first book as well, Freedom From Fear, also available via Amazon. Have a look, buy a copy or two, share with friends, enjoy it, or use it for kindling, whatever you want, the choice is yours. I have a few more coming out in the not-so-distant future as well, there will be links when that happens. They are part of a series called Daily Meditations for the Soul, I’m sure you can find out more once you click on the link above. If I sell a million copies, that’s only…let’s see… .014% of the world population, so clearly feasible, and since I have 2 books, everything doubles, at least in this math class it does. These books aren’t long, good for your bathrooms and/or one of those gifts that isn’t too much, not too little, good for all occasions. I just take quotes from notable people and elaborate, inspiring you to enlighten yourselves. You can read a quote a day, one every poop, and be done in a month and low and behold, there will be book number 2, and by the time your done, the next few in the series should be live. So again, just click the link above, share the link above, bookmark the link above, whatever you need to remember to order one and/or both of my books. Amazon will get them to you in a few days, no worries. Or you also have the option of ordering them straight to your Kindle if you happen to be a Kindle user. Paperback is always better though, lasts longer. Thx for all the support from my readers. YOU are the reason I wrote them…helping you all help yourselves. You do not have to stay in the cave, chained to the floor, staring at the shadows on the wall. Free yourselves. Unchain yourselves and ascend out of the cave, into the warmth of the Sun’s enlightenment. More and more are awakening and ascending, but many still stay asleep, afraid to open their eyes and see the light of truth. Time is moving so fast, as I have said many times, faster and faster. Time is a durational dimension remember, existing in an ordered sequence on a Fibonacci spiral. And the spiral is winding down, tightening in on itself, faster and faster, tighter and tighter, 13,8,5,3,2,1,1,,,,ZERO POINT…but what happens at zero point? Some sort of ending? Or the end before the new beginning? …0, and then 1, and then 1, 1 + 1=2, 2 + 1=3, 3 + 2=5, 5 + 3=8, and so on as the spiral unwinds itself again. The spiral is fractal in that way. I have numerous posts detailing all of this for you. Or how about this…YOU research fractals and dimensions. Discovering knowledge is good fun and good for YOU, I highly recommend it to everyone with a brain that they are at least in some small way…aware of. I am having a lot of fun with the italics lately, is that not how you illustrate a specific emotionality in a word? Make sure you know the rules of grammar before you rush to critique, and surely common sense will reason out for you that it is about the content…am I wrong? Being part of the word police is still being a police person and who is anyone to be a policy officer over anyone else? Yes, fun with colors, seem silly?… They are the one that alerts everyone to their presence by flashing the Jesus Christ out of these colors, so who is really the silly one? As you can see, I have tangented off as I so often do. It’s hard to keep it all in, so much connects to this, which connects to that, and all around and back again, it’s a fucking crazy labyrinth of knowledge and information. Just like any maze though, it always seems most confusing at the entrance, then before you know it, you’ve found your way through to the exit. 85 to 90% of you aren’t even aware of any maze or what the word labyrinth even means, so we won’t worry about you. Yes, that’s right, 6 out of every 7 people, clueless to the point that they barely even have any capacity to comprehend any information outside of the limited few ideas and concepts their fluoridated mumpsimus sheeple brains are somehow barely holding on to for their basic survival. Eat, shit, sleep, breed, work, repeat just like ants, programmed, and beyond their program…there is no beyond. Their ignorance blinds them, their 3rd eye, calcified. They are the real walking dead and there they are, 6 out of every 7, way more of them than you, if you are awakened, if you are NOT part of the herd, programmed to their herd mentality. 6 billion of the 7 billion “people” on this great planet, a herd to be herded. Where do you fit in? More and more waking up every day, if you are and have been enlightened, help the others wake up, help them see. The balance can change, surely it can…or can it? Maybe it is hopeless for them. A lot of you still aren’t aware of the Georgia Guidestones, but you should be. Here, at least be aware… Click that link, inform yourselves. Basically, these guidestones were erected almost exactly 33 years ago(33 years this recent March 22, yes, 3/22, more on that later), erected by parties unknown and for reasons unknown supposedly. There are several “guiding laws” etched in these large monuments again, why no one knows, and these laws are all wriiten in 12 different languages i believe. Also, the stones proclaim that the world population should be kept at 500 million to remain harmonious with nature. Hmmm… and double also, the place in Georgia where these monuments are located has been deemed a region that has a greater chance of remaining relatively unharmed should any global cataclysm occur. What do those who erected these know and/or think they know? Why were these put up for the world to see? Some sick billionaire’s joke maybe? The collective efforts of some fanatical religious armageddon group perhaps? Who and why would someone do this? And that figure…500 million people…if the great change that i have mentioned goes dark and takes the 85 to 90% with it, that leaves about a billion, twice what the guidestones say is needed. Suppose we factor in the possibility that some awakened ones will be in an unfortunate position and get swept into the darkness as well, that leaves…that’s right, about 500 million, world population. Now I am not trying to scare you people, you should know by now, that is surely not my intention, quite the opposite in fact. I WANT you all to NOT be afraid…of ANYTHING…EVER…GOT IT? There it is, in nice big bold red letters for you so the image etches into the synapses in your brain and you never forget. Why do you think my first book is called Freedom From Fear? My whole purpose is to help you all free yourselves from the shackles of your egos and the fear that feeds those egos. The ego is not the real you, the ego is not divine. The soul is divine, the soul is the true you, the divine you. I fulfilling my role here, my divine role, helping you all help yourselves. This is the difference I make, but that difference is made when YOU read what I write. We are all in it together. Enough of the tangents for now, click the link, either above or I’ll relink it right here for you:

Again, that is the link to my 2nd book, which will also link you to my 1st book, which will also link you to the entire series Daily Meditations for the Soul. We all have to do our part, play our role. Do you know your role, do you play your part, or are you just an extra, a stand-in, part of the scenery, like a prop? If you aren’t doing anything, you need to wake up before you get woken up. The great change coming is going to be like an alarm clock, humanity’s alarm clock, snapping the sheep out of their hypnosis. But will it be too late by then? And why do they need such extremes to keep them from being sheep? That is part of the program they being programmed into by their programmers because they allow themselves to be subject to said programming. They love it, they love being broadcast upon. Broadcasting programs and they just eat it up, like grass in a pasture. Detach, deprogram, read, learn, inform yourselves, NOW while you all still can. This reality runs on electricity. What happens when the power goes out? Not for days or weeks, but months, years, forever maybe, as far as you are concerned. So what then? Use this time very wisely and don’t take it for granted. Not too late to change, today is the first day of the rest of your life, that isn’t a saying, that is just a fact. I know, i know, many of them seem utterly hopeless. Mumpsimuses through and through, wasting their lives blinded by their own ignorance. Fuck them. Worry about YOU. Take what you can get right now while you can get it. The fruits of knowledge are everywhere, the trees of wisdom in full bloom. But the grove is always going to be so bountiful and copious. Seasons always change, what is free today may not be free tomorrow, not in this before-mentioned insane asylum of a reality anyway. So like I said, while you can, while so much knowledge and information is free and available literally at the push of a button, take it, take it all. It all rests on this tightrope of stability we call our electric grid. This grid is it, the source, their source, for this consumeristic life as they know it. Without power, well…let’s just say we will see who has what it takes and who does not. All anyone can really do is be aware. Who is to say what any sort of readiness might entail? Just be yourselves, your true selves. To be yourselves, you must first know yourselves, and to know yourselves, you must find yourselves, your true selves. All i have is my words. My words are like little lights, that illuminate some of the darkness for you to find your own ways through to the other side. They are only lights, YOU decide whether to shine them into the darkness of your path or not. I am only a translator. Translators only clarify the illustration, it is up to YOU to read the sentence or to look at the picture. Tangents, tangents, click the links, check out my books…for you, and for me as well, but mostly for you. Thx for reading. Stay informed my friends. Love to all.


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