East Coast Meteorite Now? CLICK HERE

As much of a fan as I am of the MSM, the link above is to a Yahoo post and to clear the air, it actually seems, and I could be wrong, but it does indeed seem like the MSM may be starting to catch on in some way and/or at least that’s what they want you to think. Either way, whatever is done to let information flow freely and unhindered works as long as suppression and control are no longer the objectives, so don’t take my whatever the wrong way. 

Now back to this breaking story…that’s right, yet another fireball streaks across the sky, witnessed by many but still no footage. Hopefully that will change soon. So what is going on here? All of a sudden, these things are just happening everywhere? Some are trying to claim that it has always been like this, we just hear about it more now thanks to the conveniences of modern technology. Ummm… one doesn’t have to be very alert to know whether or not these events are common enough to be considered common knowledge. Well… are they? No, they aren’t, that isn’t some trick question. No, the general population was not aware of any sort of commonality of bright fireball events happening routinely throughout our relatively recent history. That is just a fact, there is nothing to argue, NO, these events are not common, so why now and what exactly is happening?

I wish I could tell you, and as soon as I find the way to define it for all of you to understand, trust me, I will. All there is now is speculation and that is all speculation is…speculating, not based in a solid factual foundation, at least not a provable one. Do i know what you know and vice versa? I wouldn’t say that exactly, I can offer you all this, whatever is happening and/or may happen soon, do not give in to your fear. The unknown always seems more ferocious at first sight, but once you know the nature of the beast, let’s just leave it at that. 

Like I said, still waiting for some footage. Just so my readers know, I have never seen any sort of UFO other than a shooting star(meteor), and lately, i have not even seen one of those, so I admittedly have some anxiety about finally seeing something other than the brilliance of the stars and a planet or two in the skies above. I have been through just about all of the vids from the recent events around the world. Same sort of footage everytime, in the right place at the right time, because these events are only seconds long. A streak, the flashes of the bolide exploding as it comes in at around ohhh…. 17 or 18 thousandMPH I believe I read. Now the one that everyone heard about in Chelyabinsk, Russia had a sonic boom accompanying the “explosion” which was loud as fuck, sorry but there is no other way to express the gravity of the boom, it was really fucking loud, blowing out windows, ultimately injuring about 1200 and costing an estimated 33 million $ in damage. I quoted “explosion” because there is footage of something “exploding” said meteorite. Yes, what appears to be a missile and yes, going faster than the reported 17 or 18 thousand MPH of the bolide itself, goes through the middle of the object causing the explosion and possibly the boom. No one knows and “no one” only keeps the real information to themselves because they answer to the globalist pig scum, but that is another story, or is it?

I keep my eyes on the skies all the time. Not only because I am fascinated by our incredible smallness in such a vast galaxy, much less a universe, but because I am fucking determined to witness something some day that I have never seen in the sky that really blows my mind. And I feel i am not alone here. Obviously not if so many are witnessing these fireballs. More and more, here we all are, apparently now in a world of asteroids and meteors that can come from nowhere anywhere at anytime having unknown consequences on an exponentially expanding global society. Are these things going to be reported more and more? Seems that way doesn’t it? And these clearly aren’t just something to see, there can be actual impact with elements on the ground…i.e. people, buildings, etc…  so again I pose to all of you, what is really going on?

Is it beyond the globalist pig scum to orchestrate these events? No. Is it paranoid to have an open mind toward that notion? No. many people say that have seen this or that, what have all these people witnessed? As I mentioned earlier, i have never seen anything other that a small shooting star, just space dust igniting in the atmosphere. Should I see something first-hand, well only then can I make any sort of definitive interpretation of what these may or may not be, just as many of you. And if it increases? Well we are all going to cross that bridge if we come to it, aren’t we? No fear, everything happening is unprecedented in it’s own way, just part of the adventure which is really going to be unfolding itself as the days tick away, faster and faster. Remember I explained the eyes dilating, in that widening view, keep in mind that at any time any one might be in the right place to see one of these events. More events, more firsts, faster and faster. So 3/22 didn’t escape without incident did it? “East Coast fireball on 3/22,”… hmmm… stretching, or not stretched out enough? All depends on YOUR perspective doesn’t it? Be YOU, that seems hard enough for most people. Stay informed, I’m sure more of these events are on the way, along with…. you’ll see. Love to all. 



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