Who Are You?

Once again, I offer the wisdom of the Allegory of the Cave to those who do not know. If you know, great, share. If not, no worries, that’s why we are here, to enlighten you. What I did was a write up of one of my interpretations of the allegory. Then I put together this quick video clip to illustrate that interpretation. Have a look, read/watch the post…or don’t. No one is putting the proverbial gun to your head are they? Do for YOU, not for others. Enjoy…

I am going to illustrate for you a visualization of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Begin by picturing a large cave. Inside that cave there are several prisoners chained to the floor, all facing a wall of the cave. They have been prisoners their entire lives and as I said, they are chained, bound, and unable to turn their heads away from this wall in front of them. Behind the prisoners, there is a fire that they cannot see however the light from the fire illuminates the wall in front of them that they CAN see. Now I want you to picture a few people around that fire that have various cut-outs of different figures in all shapes and sizes. When they hold these figures in the light of the fire, they make shadows on the illuminated wall in front of the prisoners. Now remember, they have been imprisoned their entire lives and all the knowledge that they think they know originates from the shadows on the wall in front of them and from the echoes of those shadows. So they debate and argue amongst themselves over the meanings of these shadows they see and these echoes they hear. The prisoners base their wisdom on the interpretations and definitions of those shadows and echoes… the wisest of the group therefore being the one who appears to understand the most. The less knowledged prisoners look toward their wisest one for explanations, making said wise one, the leader. When new images appear, the leader narrates for the others and the others listen, finding their solace in the comfort of their wise one’s words. Now suppose that one of the unshackled puppeteers by the fire freed the leader from their chains. The newly freed prisoner is first brought to the fire. The brilliance of the light is blinding and frightening to the prisoner struggling to understand at first. After the initial shock, the prisoner eyes adjust, and over time, the prisoner begins to understand the fire and understand the illusion, but is still limited because they have not yet left the cave. Taking it a step further, the prisoner is led from the cave out into the blinding light of the Sun. The radiance of such enlightenment is overwhelming initially and the prisoner cowers in fear, having never been more confused and frightened before. As with the fire though, eventually the prisoner lets go of their fear and again, over time, begins to understand the TRUE nature of their reality. The prisoner sees real people, real animals, real trees, real water and their real self in the reflection in that water. The prisoner realizes that all they had ever known before was an illusion, contrived from the shadows and echoes illuminated on the wall in front of them. None of it was real and they were never truly wise, only ignorant, and that made them a prisoner inside themselves. With this realization, the prisoner is now free. So our newly enlightened former prisoner decides to return to the darkness of the cave so they can explain all of this to those who are still chained to the floor inside the cave. The former prisoner descends and proceeds to explain to those who are still in chains his story of enlightenment and the truth about the shadows and echoes. Since the former prisoner’s ascension however, there has been a new leader nominated among the still-bound prisoners. The new leader, arrogant from power, does not like this encroachment from the former leader and so…challenges the old leader to a test. The new leader asks the old leader to describe the shadows on the wall. The former prisoner, used to the light of the Sun, struggles to see clearly in this darkness and cannot accurately describe the shadows. The new leader boasts that the old leader has ruined their eyes by going outside of the cave and that the old leader is nothing but a fool. The other prisoners concur and laugh at their old leader, blinded by their own ignorance. The new leader denounces any notion of enlightenment and tells the old leader to leave at once and never come back. The prisoners proclaim that if anyone else tries to enlighten them, they will be put to death. So the old leader can either leave those programmed prisoners behind, or keep trying to help those who are enslaved help themselves become free, even at the risk of giving their own life. So how does this allegory apply to you? Where are you in the whole scheme? Are you chained to the floor in your cave still? Are you free from chains, but still bound to the cave by your own ignorance… one of those puppetmasters? Maybe you like puppeteering shadows for the enslaved ones, maybe that’s enough to make you feel like you are enlightened. But the reality is that you puppeteers are still in the cave, despite your freedom from the chains that bound the sheeple. Or are you in the 3rd group, are you outside the cave, enlightened by the light of the Sun? Where is your heart at? If you claim to be enlightened, are you selfless enough to share your enlightenment at risk of being assassinated? Not necessarily physical assassination, but what about character assassination?…what if you knew that what you knew was right, even though all of those who are in chains cry out that you are wrong, what then? Just be yourselves. Only YOU determine where YOU are and what role you play. Do not wait for someone or something to enlighten you. Have the courage to enlighten yourselves. Thx for watching/reading. Love to all.


East Coast Meteor Footage

As I am sure many of you know, yet another fireball was witnessed last night just before 8 PM EST along the East Coast of the US. I was in the right place, but not looking up at the right time. I did not see it, nor did anyone I know however,… considering these things only happen in a few seconds, it’s quite challenging to in fact witness them and/or get live footage. In this age of modern technology though, there are cameras everywhere fixed on certain positions, mostly for security. These appear to be clips from said security cameras which are most often a good source for filming these quick events. Nevermind all that though, let’s get to the damn point…Why are these things happening all of a sudden everywhere?
Yet another  first of many firsts. By saying first, I do not mean these things have never happened, I just mean that this seems to be a first for these events being reported to be happening as often as they appear to be happening now. First of the firsts, the big one in Chelyabinsk, Russia, which as I mentioned in a previous blog, might possibly have been exploded by unknown means, at least unknown to the public, and you can see what I mean here:

Injured reportedly around 1200 people and did some fairly extensive damage form the sonic boom that accompanied this event. Now there hasn’t been anything of this similar significance since the Tunguska blast of 1908, here’s your link:

So we have a 100 year gap between significant bolide activity. A bolide is the general term applied to meteors, meteorites,asteroids, etc… Enlighten yourselves:

… as I was saying, a 100 year+ gap between events, then the event around a month ago in Chelyabinsk. Since then though, NUMEROUS sightings of similar events all over the world. Why the 100 plus year gap and then now, how many have been reported in the last month… a dozen, few more perhaps? So wtf is happening?
Some are trying to say, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, that these events always happen this regularly, we have only just now been able to report them as broadly as we can now. Well that explanation is just total bullshit. The internet is almost 20 years old, we were not in the dark ages before that, so how would there be “less” means to report these any time relatively recently? There aren’t any “less” means, so what are those who know so desperately trying to conceal from the public? Someone knows something that they aren’t telling everyone for some reason. The Russian meteorite a month ago, several follow up sightings from Cuba to Chile, across Europe and across the US, and up to last night where one apparently was visible along the US East Coast. And these are only the ones being reported. Like I said, these events take place within only a few seconds, so to actually see one or get any footage is not so easy. But back to the underlying question; Why is this happening now?

The answer is still hiding in the shadows away from the light of truth. Will we find the answer?…Or will the answer find us? Everyone needs to be aware and to be alert. In that bigger picture I always mention, there are too many of these firsts to be coincidental. Something is going on, right under everyone’s nose. You can smell it, but you cannot see it just yet. Soon though, the truth will come to set everyone free, or to enslave them unto themselves as humanity crumbles under the weight of it’s own blind ignorance… the choice is within YOU. Have the courage to face your fear and overcome it. Everyone is in for some unprecedented surprises, all right around the corner, getting closer and closer, as we all spiral faster and faster toward zero point. Big eyes wide open, dilating, widening the view to see the truth. Are your eyes truly open? Only YOU can answer that question. Find the answers for YOU, not for someone else.Stay informed. Be safe. Love to all.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch


You humans and your garbage…I don’t know why this would surprise anyone, I thought it would be much worse to be honest, although it’s still pretty fucking bad. The cancerous plague of humanity, ravaging and raping this planet. This planet is an entity all it’s own, how long do you think she will let you continue pillaging her? Not much longer, don’t worry about that. The Earth is very alive and very conscious of this parasitic society called the human race. Do you think we have not been here in some way before? If this planet is indeed 4 or 5 billion years old, and we have about 6,000 years of recorded history, how is it not conceivable that this couldn’t have all happened a million years ago and been wiped out to start over, maybe even before that as well. Millions of years are fractional in the span of 4 to 5 billion years, do the math. The most bizarre part is that there are still so many mumpsimus mutants out there who STILL believe that we are some how the center of something as if we really matter. We are infinitely tiny, we are nothing. Only the fragments of a greater consciousness… and most of the fragments aren’t even in touch with their Source any longer. Again, reduced to a metaphor of a cancerous plague killing it’s planetary host. That is all a cancer does; distorts, corrupts, consumes, finally destroying it’s host and therefore collapsing itself under it’s own mindless purpose. Look at these pictures and before you hasten your need to point the finger at anyone and anything else but your own ignorant selves, point that finger back at YOU… bloody savages, 7 billion energies, 6 billion of them just wasted potential. See for yourselves: ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage     

Look at how dirty the ocean is. Here read up on this:

Read up, don’t turn the proverbial blind eye, YOU are just as responsible as anyone else. This is what happens when the plague becomes overwhelming. There are too many people, let me rephrase, there are too many uneducated, miseducated, uniformed, misinformed, too many over-consuming fuckwits that have no conception of the responsibility that comes with existing in this reality. They just eat, shit, and breed, more and more of themselves, consuming more and more, trash piling up and stinking up the whole planet…more and more and more, every day. Sad to think that all of these innocent animals have to endure life on this planet with a human population that for the most part, behaves more animal-like than any actual animal. Murderous, thieving, conniving, barbaric, all part of the psyche of humanity, supposedly ascended above the beasts. Yeah sure. Let’s see just how much further this humanity can go before it collapses under the weight of it’s own ignorance. How far will the planet let you all push her before she pushes back? Do you think Mother Nature shows mercy? Fools. Brain dead ignorant hypnotized zombie drone mumpsimus fools. You will see. This just disgusts me. Love to all who see this atrocity among so many and wonder why has humanity set itself up to fall so hard? Like I said, you will see. Inform yourselves, smarten up.


Paradise or Oblivion?

This is the direct link to the video accompanying the Venus Project. Have a look. I’m not going out of my way to persuade you. This is something you should all already be aware of. If you are, great, if not, inform yourselves. You either will or you won’t, that is YOUR choice, not mine. Stay aware. Love to all.

The Venus Project



Starting off with this little gem today. I’m well aware of most of these types of things, but somehow this one got passed me for the most part. I had skimmed over it some not-so-distant time ago, and I have seen the creator of this project speak, a Mr. Jacques Fresco. It’s called the Venus Project. What it is is basically a complete restructuring of our entire methodological process we apply toward our relationship with this planet. The plan implies that we shift the current form of monetary economy to a resource based economy. This is a big idea. Sadly, it seems that this humanity is hell-bent on collapsing in on itself before we see such advanced ideas come to fruition. But we may not,… who knows? Have a look:


There is a movie that details this project for all of you in about ohhh…. 45 minutesish. Again, the idea is fascinating and brilliant, but are we already to far into this end to try that new beginning? Watch the movie, decide for yourselves…  This guy, Jacques Fresco, is ahead of his time, ahead of this time. Listen to the knowledge he offers you all. Awareness is important, especially now. 85 to 90%, unaware and will remain that way until THEY choose to wake up. Where are you in the equation?… that is all you need to worry about out. Information is knowledge and knowledge is key. Use that knowledge to open the door of enlightenment, then do not be afraid to walk through. For you, not for anyone else. Eyes wide open. Love to all.