In Progress


Is there a psy-op happening now? The next false flag? Here it is: apparently many people in the nation of Cyprus: Image    yes, now you know…good for you, anyway… many of this nation’s citizens are rushing to take money out of their accounts from ATMs before Monday. The reason they are doing this is because their leaders supposedly made some bad moves with the national finances and now owe to the EU and therefore, to the globalist pig scum bankers who own the EU. Now they are raiding the accounts of private individuals to pay for what those leaders did.  Is this like a… test run you could say, a rehearsal before this money snatching directly from peoples’ bank accounts occurs? Why are countries rushing to hoard their gold simultaneously? 

Could it be because fake paper money and the system it flows through is about to collapse? The DOW at record levels, yet numerous billionaires are dumping their stock… WTF is all this going on? Look around people. The 3rd dimensional collapse is coming, the great change, at the door. The next few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, are going to be ever more roller-coastered. By that I mean unprecedented turns and loops and tracks leading back onto themselves. Look into this first:  This is happening right now, yes now. I mentioned a several days ago to be wary during the Ides of March, particularly to this week. The date 3/22 keeps coming up, and not just from me. What is coming… you will see soon enough. It isn’t good nor bad, it just is. Eyes wide open. Love to all. 


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