Allegory of the Cave ONCE Again

This is a re-re-post for all of you. NOT EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS. So please keep that in mind. Share this video, share your knowledge. Everyone should be aware of Plato’s

Allegory by age 5… yet here is a mass population, lost in a hypnotic trance, enslaved to themselves. So easy to blame others isn’t it? You are where you are because of YOU. 85 to 90%…going to see a different other side.

Those who are free of their bondage, outside of the cave in the sunshine, well… let’s just say where we are going in the words of Doc Brown…, “Roads?… Where we are going we won’t need any roads.”

You have always been able to leave the shadows and the echoes behind, you have only forgotten. Let go of your fear, detach from their program, open your eyes, wake up and see the truth. Thanks for watching…remember, if you know…great…share with those who do not. We are here to help you help yourselves, but you must be willing to open your heart and mind to the true reality around you.

The spiral continues tightening, faster and faster. Remember, the spring equinox coming in only a couple weeks. I can see the puzzle, can you? Step back and look at it all. That time will be upon us in a flash and we are all going to be the witnesses to the great change. Fear nothing, let go of your negativity, let go of your ego, let go of your television, let go of the novelties, the melodramas, just let it go. The time when you will all have to rise and evolve or drop and devolve is upon you all. That final hour is on it’s final second.

What happens at zero point when the spiral seems to end? It opens the door to reveal that there is no zero point. There is no end or beginning, there is only being. Are you being someone, someone else? Or are you you being you, the true you? Think about it… there are only the puppet-masters and those they puppeteer. Guess what though… There doesn’t need to be any puppeteering at all. You do not need control, you do not need do for someone else before you do for yourselves. Do you all not understand?

Please remember regs and subs, not everyone knows about any of these things I write and show you. Those who know are as I’ve said…only diamonds in the rough, but damn there is a lot of rough out here. It’s a maelstrom of a global society before they all undergo a great change the likes of which have never been witnessed in humanity’s known history. You all must pay more attention to the words used in this 3rd dimensional paradigm we are all sharing.

The word “history” broken down is His Story. Yes it is a story, told and retold and retold until those who officiate decide to change what they want you to believe is real and what is not. And since it is “his” story…of course the angle will always be orchestrated that benefits or dis-benefits one man against another. It is always presented from that male point of view, and thus, manipulated to glorify all men against themselves. I need to go more into the word “history” to break down the real and/or unreal aspects of “his” story. In the meantime, more info is in the blog below this one.

So this “history” is about to add some very serious chapters, perhaps the most ever, surely the most as far as scientists and historians can affirm to you all what is real and what is not. And it grows so close, so fast. See how the spiral goes inward when you see a seashell, or a hurricane, or a galaxy. 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21…. it is all connected, ALL of it, everything in life, connected to the Fibonacci sequence. Here’s your link, please use it if you are not in the know:

Everything is in this sequence, but our sequence is going inward for us rather than outward. Remember several of my earlier blogs…the in-breath and the out-breath, this is the i-breath, before those on the other side exhale outward again into the universe. Some of you may recall me telling you what the “tzimtzum” is. It is like a contraction of Source, God, whatever name you choose to use. I will give you the link so you can all read for yourselves…

So as you can see, i have reposted the quick 8 minute long animated video illustrating Plato’s observation of humanity. Everyone, and I really mean EVERYONE, should all be or have been taught this by the time they are 5. Yet here you all are 85/90%, not a clue about what I am talking about. But I shall continue as I know that there will always be someone listen…at least until our voices get silenced.

But we won’t allow ourselves to submit to the will of evil and darkness and tyranny and fascism. Oh no, these globalist pig scum may get many of you before their flaming juggernaut finally collapses into oblivion, but it will not take us all. There is a great bridge coming after the great change. We must all cross that bridge, but we can only do it with love, for on the other side, the wonders of the universe will be revealed to those who have let go of ego and returned to Soul, Higher Self, your Inner Light.

You are all so much more…WE are all so very much more than they have misled us all to believe. One must simply acknowledge the living truth of what this reality genuinely is. There is nothing to “do” about becoming enlightened, you must only open your eyes along with your hearts and minds so that the truth is revealed. Once one achieves that truth, they free themselves. It takes time to adjust, but then once you have the transformation gets even better.

When you are finally in the know and you can really see with your newly re-awakened eyes, the possibilities seems endless. They wanted you all to NOT know, they wanted you all to stay down, docile, complacent, suppressed. They want you to stay chained in your cave, and they want you to find your happiness in the shadows and echoes they present to you. They have their agenda remember? And they will not stop until they are finished or YOU are. Which will it be?

I urge all of you to watch this and integrate and understand what Plato’s allegory means in this quick animation. Like I said, everyone should be taught this very young, so they can encompass this great wisdom into their futures, so they can literally brighten their futures. But that’s part of the globalist pig scum’s now exposed plan to dumb you all down. They don’t even care anymore if you know their plan or not. Want to know why?

Because your lives are meaningless to them. There are too many people, too many of those who enjoy the blissful ignorance of being herded like cattle. And that’s exactly what they are…85 to 90%…cattle, the herd, the sheeple. They are slaves to a their own parasite. Imagine that. So real and so true and so right in your faces and what do they do?… they just keep pushing you all down, more and more. That is what they are doing and those still asleep in your caves will be powerless to not comply. They will submit to their masters’ wills and think they love it because that is how brain-washed they are… 85 to 90%… nearly 6 billion of the 7 billion…lost.

Yes that’s right, officially cleared 7 billion about a year ago, not everyone knows that but now you do if you are reading. Think about how staggeringly large that number is of those who do not know out of a populous this great. Unreal, and they keep breeding more and more of themselves. Yes I know it is everyone’s personal and free right to reproduce, but the reality is….many people who really cannot and/or are not ready, should stop it, but that is their trip and if the globalist pig scum’s plan of mass depopulation is accurate, the census of the world population would become irrelevant now wouldn’t it?

Watch this video, watch it now if you can, while you are here. This video will take less time than it did to read this blog, but what one gains once they have the Allegory of the Cave inside them, inside their heart and mind, lasts a lifetime. It’s never too late to wake up. Time here is so short anyway. Do not worry about what others think, focus on you. It’s hard enough just being ourselves in this insane asylum we call life. But we ARE all in this together so let’s be together and get together before the storm comes. That tempest has been brewing for quite a long time and as the Fibonacci sequence that is guiding the 4th dimension of time we are all going through gets tighter and moves faster, the storm of great change will be here so very, very soon.

It is no end, nor a beginning, think of it more as an evolution, well…for some of us anyway. Hitting the zero point only means the beginning of the next fractal. All of everything you thought you knew…a fractal. Here’s a link:

To truly understand fractals, you must read and research for yourselves to find how their meaning related to you. I gave you the link above, now have the inclination to learn for yourselves about what I am showing you. Part of being a translator for you all is knowing when to tell all of you or to show all of you how to be able to tell it to yourselves. Rely on yourselves. With the current technology, you literally have a sizable chunk of the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. Instead of not knowing… KNOW… now, before it’s too late.

If the power were to go out for whatever reason, where would you be? That is a question that you should all have an answer for but you do not do you?… Why do you have no answer?… Because you are slaves, indentured to a BIg Brother figure from the book/movie 1984. Here’s a link… great film for movie night for those who have significant others out there. Have a look:

Great book and movie…many thanks and infinite gratitude to Mr. George Orwell whose mind shaped that ever-so-dynamic book, 1984. Watch and see…just click above, that is the link to the full movie for free.

As I wrap this one up, I want to place much-needed emphasis on the fact that MOST people have no idea what the Allegory of the Cave is. Some of them don’t even know who Plato is, but let’s not hate, let’s help. We, those of us who know, have the responsibility of sharing our knowledge to as many others as we can so that they too can awaken. We do not give up, we do not try, we ARE and we DO. We DO for you all to help yourselves help yourselves.

The power has ben within you all forever and will be forever. Once your energy inside is ready to move on, you leave this shell, this form, this body. Of course most of us do not choose when we leave this 3rd dimensional plane, but rest assured, EVERYONE LEAVES eventually. Death is certain but again…word etymologies… how the language has come to this I will never fully understand. Ever really really listen to others talking that you do not know? American english is becoming this bizarre mix of numerous regional dialects. It’s a huge dumbing down, like in the movie Idiocracy…here’s your link:

Idiocracy is EXACTLY where this fluoridated brainwashed global society is headed. It’s not a joke how dumb many of you are. No one laughs at your ignorance and complete lack of a capacity to seek enrichment through learning. Mumpsimuses, everywhere. Are you one of them, are you a mumpsimus? Here’s the textbook definition for you:

mumpsimus: a person who obstinately adheres to old ways in spite of clear evidence that they are wrong; an ignorant and bigoted opponent of reform.

My definition of the mumpsimus is/are the person/s who have founded the lifestyle they lead based on limited exposure to just enough shadows and echoes to form sentences. The mumpsimus cannot be corrected because they have no ability to help them help themselves. And this world is filled with them. It’s as if 85 to 90% of you think that you know all you need to know and that is you need to know for the rest of your brain-dead miserable lives. Let me clue the 85 to 90%…YOU DO NOT KNOW SHIT.

If you did, I wouldn’t have to keep explaining the meanings of everything to so fucking many of you. I love helping you all, I love this as work. I get paid in soul money, not your fake paper monopoly money to do this. My compensation is that i am making a difference. They can take all your money, but they cannot take away YOU, unless YOU allow them to. So many of you do though, you love being under BIg Brother’s wing, don’t you?

“Do not think to much, do not question, just obey and be functional. You are only a piece, a part, a fraction. You are easily replaceable. You are only a number. If most of you were gone, the world would be so much greater. Most of you are only useless automatons anyway, only here to be born, to spawn, and to die.”…. This is how the globalist pig scum mind thinks. Do you know what eugenics are? Agenda 21? All very real and very NOT in your favor. Here you go, see for yourselves:

I told you, I told you it was coming, and I will keep telling you as it comes, and when it gets here, for as long as I can anyway. The great change approaches, you can see it if you look through the right eyes. Just remember to not be afraid. Watch this video, PLEASE if you have not yet and/or do not know what the Allegory of the Cave is, YOU MUST WATCH…for your sake, not mine. Share the knowledge you get from this to those who aren’t aware. That’s part of it,… once you get it, you help others get it, and so on and so on.

We are all in this together, all resonating on the same frequency even though it may not seem like it. That frequency is rising, the resonance, rising along with the raising vibration of the Earth. That zero point is so close, so close. You can taste it, you can feel it, you hear it… it is coming. My soul tingles just thinking about it. What a time to be here and now and alive. Despite all of the negativities there to be involved, there is till so much love and beauty and compassion and hope.

We must believe in ourselves and in the differences we make. We must be brave enough to unchain ourselves to see the truth. then we must be open minded and open hearted enough to accept those truths. Yes, they have deceived and lied and manipulated you for your whole lives, and your parents, and their parents. The ignorance of the aged comes from existing during the eras of mass programming. They programmed so many of them, then they programmed the next group, and so on…always searching for the next novelty.

That is what they have made this world, your world, our world, a 3rd dimensional hell of over-consumption and over-indulgence in novelty. Novelty is anything “new” that gets fame, gets a following, yet eventually dying for the most part over time as the novelty fades. I mention novelty in my last vlog…the one below this. A world of novelty, but the novelty of it all grows old and is fading fast so what does that mean? Link to novelty:

As the spiral tightens, and we move ever faster toward zero point, the novelties are coming and going so quickly now. Novelty is in everything, it just basically starts with anything new. But what is becoming “new” and the new novelty is all running out. Terrance McKenna speaks of this a lot and I added a link in my last vlog, again, the one right below this…have a look. A world of novelty, growing old. When one backs up to see that big puzzle, one realizes that it all a novelty, inside of a fractal, approaching zero point. When this happens,… well i was told not to tell you all. You will see. It never ends or begins remember? Think of what happens in a fractal when you reach your destination.

Your world reopens, and one finds that all they thought was big was small, infinitely. It all just keeps going, on and on. We are all in this 3rd dimensional paradigm together. We are all experiencing this 3rd dimensional reality as we go through the 4th dimension of time.Time is a durational dimension, not spatial, like most others. The 4th dimension of time plays out in a spiral, a Fibonacci sequence, that reflects directly into everything that makes up the 3rd dimension. When we hit the zero point, well that is for few of us to know… Be patient…it is coming for you all.

I will leave you all with this link to a video. See how the Fibonacci spiral plays out inside a Mendelbrot fractal. These things I write, the vids I make, the knowledge I discover and share, it is all for you. Take the information I give you or don’t take it, the choice has, is, and always be yours. getting to the other side of the great change is going to kill some and immortalize others. Many will not make it, but we will take as many as we can. I will help as many of you as I can to help yourselves. Detach, deprogram, awaken, the sequence is going so fast now…counting down… 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, and then…. we all will know then, won’t we? Thanks for reading and watching. If it helps, share it. if not, no worries. Just the translator here. Eyes wide open. Love to all.



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