Update on my Absence

Hello all my friends, readers, subs… My apologies for my multi-day vacation from writing. Sometimes, one just needs a break, and I haven’t been feeling well, but never mind that, I’m here now. The time we are all in right now is a very precarious time…anything is about to happen, anywhere, at anytime. War is about to be unleashed, which will bring about the global changes that the new world order agenda is trying so very hard to implement.

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, just died, and was allegedly poisoned, by the CIA probably. He was only 58, strong, vociferous, someone not afraid to deny the illuminati and the tyranny of the USSA. Then he gets cancer and dies, yet another assassination that will go down in history as a conspiracy, most likely never solved. Again, these secretive government elitist hit squads have killed another opposition voice. When will it end?…. IT WON’T.

North Korea is about to do something, I guarantee it. They have had enough, they are the dog in the corner, and the USSA keeps pushing them further and further down. Eventually, as the saying goes, that little dog is gonna bite back and bite hard. But that is what the globalist pig scum want. World War 3, global decimation, chaos for their new world order. This is the beginning of the bad time, when those pig scum make their next moves on their real world Risk game.

And then we have Iran, who the Zionist regime cannot stand and want to attack because apparently Iran has reached a “red line” of nuclear development. The way this world works and the propaganda they spew out that you all believe is a sick fucking joke on humanity, but guess what, that joke isn’t fucking funny and you all need to wake up and stop being ignorant to what is happening in this fucked up world around you. An attack on iran is part of their agenda, and their agenda is underway, yes, right now, the motions have begun to instigate global conflict.

All occurring as the DOW goes up to a record high. Gas and oil production reported as record high, all this bullshit hype and propaganda, yet the population gets lower and lower beneath the globalist pig scum. They throw their power in your face, that is what it’s become. Suppress and suppress until we have nothing left but revolt. They will starve you, they will relocate you, they will control you all with fear tactics and brainwashing hypnosis through your televisions, but most of you will never see and will fall right in line, just like those who followed the Nazis blindly.

Because that is what the USSA is becoming fast, the new age Nazi Germany. You’ll see. The Fuhrer Obama becomes dictator more and more, everything he does is synonymous with the rise of Nazism as Adolph Hitler took power in the late 1930’s before WW2. Yes, it’s real and it’s about to get really fucked up. As soon as their war begins, you are all fucked and are going to be subject to a mass police state crackdown. Fuck them. We are the resistance, and they will never win as long as we are alive to help you help yourselves against them.

All coinciding with the evil Vatican about to unleash the final pope. Do you all not see how these events are lining up for something huge? Am I the only one who can see the obvious? It is only a jigsaw puzzle, use your head and put the pieces together. This isn’t psychic, this isn’t a magic trick, just look around. Open your eyes and look around. First pope to resign in almost 700 years, ushering in a prophecized final pope that will bear witness to a great cataclysm. We will see won’t we? Nonetheless, that whole entity of their church is a front for the most sinisterly malevolent gang of pig scum ever. Remember, they are part of the trinity of darkness.

Comets everywhere, meteors, meteorites, bolides, record climatic events and changes, economies on the verge of collapse, imminent mass war, an elitist pig scum ruling class exposed and being dismantled by us while they still fight to hold their power, this time we are all in together is fucking insane. We are at the edge of the precipice, the time grows so short before it all really goes down, and believe me, it will go from day to night fast. Expect it, be ready, but you can only be ready inside.

The power inside you all is all that can save you, but most of you will never get it. You will succumb to fear and give in to the will of your masters because you are just slaves chained to a floor in a cave. Shadows and echoes define your realities and you love it. Conceiving of anything I am saying is above and beyond your fluoridated brains. You are sheeple, 85 to 90% of you, just part of their herd. Hate me, disagree, do what you want, you are cattle. When you complain and hate on me for what i say, all I hear, from you is, “Bahhh, Bahhh, Bahhh.”

Not my fault, even though you want to blame me. Blame yourselves, you are the followers, you are the slaves, you are the ones with no courage or balls to unchain yourselves and walk out of your fucking little caves. Even if you did, you couldn’t handle the light of the sun, the enlightenment of leaving the cave and seeing beyond those shadows and echoes. This is just blunt honesty, like I said, hating me only weakens you, it does nothing to me. I am here to translate this knowledge to you, to help you, but if you can’t help yourselves, my effort is futile.

Now I know this doesn’t apply to all of you, but yes, it DOES apply to most of you. So few in the know, so many just meat puppets, servants to masters. Is real freedom not what matters most? Being a slave to money and possession and a job you hate, why, why do it? Because you think you have to? That’s you being weak and not believing in yourselves. You cannot stand to lose that illusion of security your “job” gives you, that your 401k gives you, that you think your social security will give you.

Wake the fuck up, that shit is all just making them more and taking more from you. You are not winning, they are. They don’t worry about bills or money, how about you? How does your struggle compare to theirs? They care nothing for you, you are only a consumer and the more you consume, the stronger they get. But you keep going, consuming more and more, glued to the hypnosis of your televisions. You have no clue about what I say, what I try to tell you. We try to show you truth, and you laugh because you are so ignorant. You’re so convinced in the reality of those shadows and echoes. But I would rather be the poorest, loneliest person and know what I know, than ever be one of you. bahhh, bahhh, bahhh.

So here we are, on the verge of all of these major global changing events. What will you do when the hammer drops? Give in? Continue to submit, to succumb, to be slaves? Yes, many of you will, but those of us in the know will die before we let ourselves give in to fear. Your fear is what will destroy most of you. But we are beyond fear, we are above, looking down, watching you all like panicking ants. What more can we do? We have told you all what the truth is, we update you all daily, yet when i am out and about, all I see is cluelessness, lost in the illusory bliss of your own ignorance.

And that goes for most of you. I want this to anger you, I want you to get mad, hate me, show your contempt, only reinforces the validity of what i say. You don’t understand, so you get mad and hate, that is exactly the reaction I always expect from you sheeple because that is the reaction you always display. Your lack of knowledge disgusts me, but even more disgusting is your inability to open your hearts and minds and open your eyes to see the truth. You think that because you don’t acknowledge these things, they don’t exist, but you are all about to find out the hard way that your ignorance has doomed you.

Now here it is: in the next 2 to 3 weeks, you will all begin to bear witness to what I have been saying is coming. There will be more earthquakes, volcanos, natural events that are records and firsts. You will see the wars begin, you will the globalist pig scum make their plays for even more money and power as their juggernaut continues to barrel over you all. You will see the police state crackdown start, you will see more and more control. Most of America will be so confused that they will just comply, because they are sheeple.

But not all of us, oh fuck no. We are the Resistance, this is real and it’s coming. Equate it to Star Wars, they are the empire, we are the Rebels. Now which side is evil and which is good? Of course that boils down to perspective, but if you think that globalization and one world control is a good idea, then you are already brainwashed, already a slave who loves being enslaved to them. You have lost the concept of the importance of free will. Without free will, you are only automatons, you are robots, you are slaves.

The choice will have to be made, whether you know or don’t know. The great change is coming very soon now. Watch, you’ll see, in the next 2 to 3 weeks. This is no premonition, no foresight, this is simply seeing the bigger picture, the greater puzzle right before it comes together. They have an agenda, we have the power of our free will. They have guns, we have numbers and the energy of those numbers. We will win, the battle will be long, many will die, many will be lost in this upcoming conflict, that is just how it is going to be.

Now it is so important to be able to rise above this 3rd dimensional caste system reality we’ve all been thrown into together. Yes we are all here now and we must all deal with the globalist pig scum agenda, but there is something so much greater beyond that. Are you still raising your vibrations?…Better yet, are you even in touch with the fact that your vibration is rising? Yes, all of our vibrations are rising, so fast now, faster and faster, the resonance increases, as the Fibonacci spiral tightens more and more. Zero point is just around the corner, literally. What wil happen?

That knowledge I cannot give you. I know where I’ll be, but I cannot tell you all what you already know for yourselves. I don’t know you, and most of you are sheeple anyway. It’s all inside yourselves where you will go and what will happen to you. The other side is going to be there for everyone who can let go of their fear and cross through guided by the energy of the light inside them. That light comes from love, but I know, I know, these words mostly fall on deaf ears.

I still try and will still go on until the end. Or the beginning, depending on your viewpoint. You see, even this makes a difference. And making a difference, any difference, is all one ca really do, but if you do not do it, you are nothing. If you have nothing to contribute, you have no value, and that is part of the mentality of the herd. They think their shitty jobs, and their credit card payments, and their commutes make a difference. What a joke. They make their masters wealthier, that’s the only real difference they make, but they think they are doing their part, because they’ve been programmed.

Are you programmed? Do you still watch television? Those are programs, therefore they are programming you, programming you with broadcasts. Think about the words, these are obvious things, yet most of you just miss it, blinded by ignorance, jesus, most of you are so blind and ignorant and clueless. I don’t like sounding and/or being mean but damn, so, so many of you, just lost. And you will go until the day you die stuck in these mentalities, never aware of what was really real. How sad is that? Billions of people going through this existence, completely blinded by the illusion. Tragedy and comedy of humanity.

So while I’ve been… away… I’ve had time to ponder all of the melodrama going on in this 3rd dimensional paradigm, and to simultaneously ponder where I am going when i am finally free of this body. It makes me excited to know what is about to come and to be a witness and observer and eventually illustrator to the collapse of the machine. I will be writing it all down as I watch these wars ensue, as I watch you all become subjected to a real-life Big Brother, as I watch it all devolve into chaos, I will be there, translating it all for those who are left to rebuild a new future. No matter what, I will survive. As much as my soul yearns to escape this mortal shell, I have to do what i came here to do first.

And that is simply to keep helping you all help yourselves, before, during, and after, all the way to the other side of it. Now you can think of me what you want, to be judgmental only hurts you, not me. I am only here to translate information for you all. And there is just so much, so much. Lately I have looked to some kabal writings, the Zohar mainly. I am not jewish, not religious, but I am always seeking any new knowledge, and I found some interestingness in looking into the kabbalah and the zohar. Knowing all angles is why I will make it and you won’t, well…most of you.

That is something for you all to look into. Here are the links:



The tzimtzum is something good to know. It’s basically a jewish version of how creation began…began with a contraction of Source to make space for creation to occur, that creation being holographic reflections of Source. Look for yourselves, and again I am not jewish, this knowledge is neither good nor bad as I’ve said, it is only information. The tzimtzum is equatable to the yinyang to me. The yinyang; divine masculine and divine feminine, dark and light, in and out, is like a contraction in itself, is it not? Just a connection I made, good food for thought.

There is your update my friends and readers and watchers and brothers and sisters across the globe. Much more to say and again, please excuse my absence. Just needed a break for a few days, but now I am back so more to come. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/eatAllYourFish  I will have some new vids or at least a new vid up soon. Stay alert these next 2 to 3 weeks. Listen to what i say, choosing to believe me after the fact won’t help much will it? But believe what you want, think what you want, ultimately we are all together even though we are all seemingly on our own. The other side will reveal the true power within us. What happens before we get there, gonna be interesting that’s for sure. Eyes wide open. Thanks for reading. Love to all.