This Week

The forces have informed me that this week is going to be quite eventful. I cannot describe or define to you all what will happen, just know that IT is coming. The test is on… will you give in to your fear or will you ascend and embrace the infinite energy of the divine love inside you?

Now is the time, the great change is upon you all. Do not be afraid… it is an evolution for those who are ready. Be ready, prepare yourselves, inside. No bunker or food supply or guns will save you. Raising your vibration and becoming One with your Higher Selves is how you will get to the other side of this test. You either will or you wont, do or you don’t, it is up to you. Stop being a slave to a parasite, they have you all fooled with illusions. Many of you think you need a Big Brother figure watching and controlling you… he is your master. But they need YOU,it is all backwards. You are slaves, you let them control and dictate your existence.

Let go of your fear, let go of your master. YOU have the power, not them. There is a whirlwind of great change coming fast… the Fibonacci spiral is so fast now…approaching the zero point. I don’t know exactly how this is going down, but it is surely going to happen, happen real soon. Any day now… the levee will break. The leak has become a flood, a torrent of truth and the reality is that you are all slaves to corporate globalist scum. They feed off of your blood, they are parasitic nonhuman magician vampire devils. They are a fractional percentage, YOU outnumber them, YOU have the power to bring down their system.

The One People’s Public trust has already collapsed it, you just do not know yet, but at least now you are aware if you are reading this. That’s right, the corporate monster is collapsed from the OPPT. Think of it this way… when the slaves in America were freed, many of them kept working for a year or two before they even knew. That is what is happening right now, at this very moment, to all of you. You have all been freed, freed from your debt, free from your lives of servitude to an insolvent system. Their corporation has failed, the machine has failed, the time of indentured servitude is OVER.

Now you all must redefine everything you thought you knew. Such a great time to be alive, you are all going to witness the greatest change we have faced in our recored history. Look around you, things are happening all over, firsts everywhere…. “meteorites” all of a sudden, strange resignations of popular officials…i.e…. the pope and queen beatrix(notice I do not capitalize their names because they are part of the devil scum elite). False flags everywhere, one psy-op after another, they know their ship is sinking fast and they are determined to fulfill an agenda and/or take you all down with them. When we all tell you you to wake up, we mean WAKE UP. Most of you are still asleep, hypnotized, in a trance, mumpsimusized. What is it going to take?

So many of you…. lost, and you aren’t gonna make it. What happens to you sheeple, not my problem. I am just here to help you ALL open you eyes and see the truth of this 3rd dimensional paradigm we are all in. But if you are stuck in the ignorance of your fear, only YOU can help you. I can’t help those who can’t help themselves. We are here for all of you but not all of you are really here.

All who are awake, keep going, the time of the great change is upon everyone. We are ready, we have no fear, we only have love and we resonate that to all of you. It is up to you what trip you take. There is no following, no leading, no regimentation, only being. What is cooming is more than you job, more than your bills, more than your melodramas.

We all exist on a vibration that is resonating on a frequency that is getting faster and faster and faster… the Fibonacci spiral, we are going back to zero point. There is an energy in all of us that is increasing in frequency along with the Schumann resonance. You can hear it, you can feel it. Do any of you hear that buzzing noise? No, it isn’t tinnitus.

Something about me that no one really knows, and now I share it with the world. This is pure truth, straight from my brain to all of you. And I am sure some of you know EXACTLY what i am talking about. Here it is:  I have had that buzzing noise in my head my whole life. Yes, my ENTIRE life, I have been aware of it as far back as I remember. I actually remember as a kid, maybe 12/13ish, looking up tinnitus to finally possibly define the buzzing. It has never bothered me at all, but it is always there. Now some say it’s the sound of blood going through the veins and arteries in your head, some say it’s the effect of resonant vibration after being exposed to noise, and of course, some swear tinnitus.

Okay, I am going to break this down. This noise is not exactly in my ears, it’s… inside, not all the way in my brain, but somewhere between my inner ear and the part of my brain that is aware of it. So it’s not in one ear or the other, so not tinnitus. I know that but if any of you are experiencing this and do not understand why, I hope this helps. It is not a bad thing…quite the contrary in fact, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

When I meditate, I can become One with the buzzing, … that’s right, when you quiet it all and your mind becomes a singularity, that energy you feel when you detach from your body is you become One with your Higher Self. There is no magic, no tricks, this is what happens when you start to ascend. Do you really believe all you are is trapped in the capacity of your physical body?

You are all beings of Light and Energy. This 3rd dimensional trip is just a blip. We are all here for some reason for a brief flash and then what happens? Well for those who are awakened, you can ascend. This vibration is so slow, think about when you dream. Dreaming allows your subconscious to travel to the astral plane between the 4th and 5th dimension. Are you in your body then? Are you really ever conscious of your physical body when you dream? You are existing, yet your body is asleep when you dream. Can you imagine dreaming forever, with total control over the dream?

That is the 5th dimension, that is where those who know are going to go. Let go of these 3rd dimension melodramas. All this control, this crumbling machine of parasitic people farming, the manipulation they have imposed on all of you in this reality, everything you thought, mass deception, and most of you still do not know. 85/90% of you are lost…why? Why can’t you ALL wake up? There is so much more to all of this then your televisions or your possessions or your bank accounts with your fake paper monopoly money. It’s a tragic comedy, and most of you suck on it’s tits like little pigs. Wake the fuck up…geez.

I have said it so many times and I will go on and on until the time comes when my effort is no longer needed here. I have let go of everything, there is nothing I fear, I know what I am, I can feel my power growing exponentially every second. But I am not alone,… oh no, there are many of us, many of you who ARE awake. I know I tend to direct these more toward those who are asleep because they need it but I am well aware of all my friends and brothers and sisters all over the world who are devoting themselves to helping as many of you help yourselves as we can.

No matter what you think of us, if you want to label conspiracy theorists, truthers, paranoid fear mongers, trolls, whatever hate you bring just makes us send more love out to those who are resonating on a higher vibration. You who live from you fear, your hate, your anger, are going to be left behind. You will be subject to the whims of your parasitic masters because you cannot wake up. Maybe in the next incarnation, if you have one.

I do not know exactly what compels me to inform you all of the great change, but I know it is from somewhere deep inside or outside. I told you all something global was coming, i made a video, 2 days later, we experienced a week of firsts, “meteorites”, pope resignation, I either truly have genuine intuition, or I simply have the ability to put the pieces together before they happen, which I think is the case. Any of you can do it, any of you can see what I see, know what I know. The truth is out here for all of you, you just have to open your damn eyes.

Now this upcoming week is going to be interesting. I have a feeling we may see something from the Asian triangle of China, the Koreas, and Japan. The Sun is getting active, there is a filament that if erupted right now as it is Earth-facing, would unleash a massive CME, we will see, and we will see how that relates to earthquakes, which are increasing. The Middle east…there is always going to be something there. Keep in mind, these are NOT predictions, like I said earlier, I am simply looking at the puzzle pieces from a broader view.

I know I tangented off from my info about the buzzing noise. Those of you who are experiencing this too, be happy. Be glad that that energy is present because it is NOT for most people. The mumpsimuses will tell you that you are crazy, tinnitus, blah, blah, blah…the depth of the ignorance of the sheeple makes me feel sick some times. Fuck them. You do not have to answer to anyone. Worry about being and knowing your self, your True Self, your Higher Self. Don’t worry about them, you won’t have to deal with that much longer.

The noise is the sound of your frequency rising. Close your eyes, let go of all thought, but focus on the buzzing. It isn’t buzzing now is it? It becomes like a wah, wah, a frequency. I know it seems out there, but so did the thought of space travel 100 years ago. Just because your ahead of your time doesn’t make you inferior in any way. Be glad you are what you are if you truly know what you are. You will get it. I told you earlier, when you let go and dive deep inside, you become One with the buzzing, you resonate with the wah, wah, you let go of the connection to your physical, your form, and you explore the infinite space inside of you.

You don’t need religions, or churches, or masters, everything you need is inside of YOU. They have manufactured this mass control mechanism and they have made most of you believe you need it. That monster has been slain, you just do not know yet. The OPPT was the sword into the heart of the corporate beast that has you all brainwashed. Now you all must just be until that beast has fallen. Think about a knight fighting a dragon… even once the beast is defeated, it’s tail, it’s claws, it’s fangs, it’s poison are still there for a while, like cutting the head off a snake, that head can still kill you, the body still serpentines. That is what has happened, but you all don’t know yet.

Enjoy the buzzing, like I said, my entire life, but I have never told anyone until right now. It doesn’t bother me, but if some of you are buzzing too, I want you to know you aren’t alone and it is nothing to fear or worry about. That energy that you tap into when you alter your state of consciousness is what you become One with when you ascend. Think of you without your body. You are energy, you are light. That ringing is your connection to that energy. Embrace it. I went for years just thinking it was whatever. It never bothered me, but it has always been there.  Now I know what it is and it is what it is.

So now it is like a vacation, relax, what is coming is coming and there is nothing you can do to save yourselves except wake up. that’s it, just wake up. Break down your walls, open yur minds, let go of what you thought you knew and accept that the true reality is not what you thought. You were wrong. It’s okay, we all were until we woke up. You can’t see the truth until you open your eyes and to open your eyes you must not be asleep. You have been deceived, tricked, manipulated, exploited, all by corporate parasites. You owe them nothing and that is what is coming for them.

Just be patient, not much longer now, you will see. In the meantime, be sure to look at the documents relating to the OPPT, The One People’s Public Trust. Here’s the link:

READ THEM PLEASE. This is what has freed you all from your enslavement to their monetary system. YOU OWE NOTHING. They created a system that was insolvent, that profited no one but a fractional handful of corporate scum. How are YOUR finances? Did you make 20/30/100 million dollars last year? Do you worry about paying your bills, buying groceries, taking care of your kids, supporting your families, because they don’t.

They exist on a level that they have deemed is elite and above all of you. They have pirated from your blood. They have rituals and ceremonies to honor themselves and their power and their corrupt greed. They are subhuman parasitic sick twisted unempathetic SCUM. But they have lost, because light always trumps the dark. They are a cancerous plague, and that cancer has infected most of you, because YOU allow it. No more. WAKE UP. You are all now free of your enslavement to debt, but look at most of you. Just don’t see and don’t get it, but no matter who you are, the great change coming is going energize everyone.

That’s right, the great change, the great change. On the way to a planet called Earth. Don’t pay attention to the fake news, it’s all orchestrated. STOP watching television. So not get a flu vaccine. Look at what you eat before you eat it. Think about what your food has gone through before it gets in your mouth. Drink filtered water. You are all so fluoridated now, the water is like toxic prozac, but you don’t listen. Some of you do…at least I have to believe that. And remember, this is all to help everyone help themselves. Not everyone is in the know, not everyone is aware. Those are who I am trying to reach. If you are awake, you don’t need my help. I just offer information. You have your trip, I have mine.

There you go… I have laid it out for you, i have given you all part of myself so you can all help YOU help yourselves. If you are awake, spread the word, wake all these sleeping fuckers up, they have the potential, even if they are asleep. This doesn’t have to go down in a negative way. There doesn’t have to be chaos and destruction for there to be evolution. They want that, they want you all to degenerate into disorder, so they can come in and sweep up afterward. Fuck them, fuck their agenda. WE have the power, we are boundless energy. There IS a lot of room for pessimism I know, but you must not fear. What is coming is the greatest event EVER for some. Be that some. You aren’t a sheep, you aren’t part of the herd.

Before I wrap this up, here is a link to a video that is different from my vlogs. This is just a music vid I put together with some clips from the 1920’s Expressionist Era, to the soundtrack of a Neon Indian song called Halogen. Great song, great lyrics(which I posted), and I am hoping the video works out for those who watch it. I was gonna do a blog about all of this I just wrote about but there is no way I could squeeze it all into my 15 minute time limit. So much info going on in my head, knowledge overload, knowledge that you all should know, but don’t, so i translate that knowledge for you all to take or not take. The choice is yours. here’s the link to the vid:

Look at the OPPT, The One People’s Public Trust, for your sake, not mine. The moment is here, the great change is upon you all. Which way will you go? Will you take the blue pill, and accept that you are a slave to a master?… Or will you take the red pill, and find out that the rabbit hole doesn’t end? The choice is yours. You are the power, you are the light, you have unwittingly been made a host to a parasite. Let go, detach, and just smile and be. Time is going so fast as the spiral tightens. Watch and see. They will succumb to their fear. Do not be one of them, they are cattle, they are the people farm. You are your own Divine Being. You are One with Source, you are Infinite love. That is all you ever need. This dimension is crumbling away as the 4th dimension of time speeds up. Do not fear your own ascension, there is nothing to be afraid of…there never was. This life is a menial pit stop, meant to give you the chance to wake up and find your true power. Now that you’ve found it, find the patience to harness that power until the time comes. Enjoy the sunshine. Get out of the cave, help get THEM out of the cave. They are hypnotized by shadows and echoes. You are free, help them while you can. There is little time left. You will see, eyes wide open. Love to all.


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