Addendum…Something is Coming

he addition to my Something is Coming vids. Just this morning, an apparent meteorite explodes in the atmosphere in Chelyabinsk, Russia. The boom is unreal…

Now details are still coming in, numerous unconfirmed reports, strange that this happens the very day asteroid 2012 DA14 makes its record close approach to Earth. Some are saying it wasn’t even really a meteorite… we shall see.

Also, I include some info on the true illuminati power structure and the odd dual resignation of both the monarchial head AND the religious heads on the snake, Queen Beatrix and the Pope… at the same relative time. That’s right, here are your links…
Just before the Pope resigns…eerie:……

And here’s some illuminati power structure info for you:…

Let’s not forget the OPPT…One People’s Public Trust… VERY IMPORTANT…PLZ READ:

And finally don’t forget to have a look at my blog:

Thx for watching. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe. Eyes wide open everyone. Love to all.



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