Still Still Shaking

Why the MSM or anyone for that matter seems to not be reporting all of the earthquakes that have occurred in the Solomon Islands in the last 2 or 3 days is beyond your narrator. Over 200 after shocks, mostly ranging around 5 pointers. Those are not tremors. Seems like that would pretty God damn newsworthy wouldn’t you agree? Yet where is the coverage, where is the information? The site I normally refer you all to: is suddenly not working either…imagine that, and if you go there and look right now you will see that the “live” data has been mysteriously frozen on the date 17 months ago when the big mystery earthquake happened in Virginia near D.C. Now what are the odds? All of this just happenstance? 

Happenstance is a good word for you all today. It just means freak occurrence, chance happening, no need to look it up, I just gave you the definition. Make sure you use it in a sentence at some point. Anyway, back to the topic. Here is a link for you all to go to if you want an alternative to the global incident map:  Go there now and see for yourselves what is going on in the South Pacific that we aren’t being told about for some strange reason. There have been 3 5-pointers in the last 30 minutes to add to the already 200+ major aftershocks, yet we hear nothing. Why? Stay alert and stay informed everyone. There is a strange energy in the air right now. Eyes wide open. Love to all. 



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