Make It Viral… Must Watch

Considering that your time may be imminent, I highly suggest that all of you watch this video. This is stunning and guess what… all of the conspiracy theories are just real conspiracies now, imagine that. Did you think all of this stuff was being made up? You all need to wake the fuck up right now while you still have the choice. You all gave these “theorists” no credit but now look at all that is happening. The agenda that I have been telling all of you about for months, here it is, documented and named globally. Do you think that will stop the illuminati? The are going through with their agenda, you can believe that and you all need to inform yourselves. Get off your asses, detach from your television hypnosis, and prepare yourselves for what is coming. No I do not mean go hide in a fucking bunker, I mean prepare inside. This is more than an agenda, more than global domination, more than population control. This is an encroaching reckoning between light and darkness. The are unempathetic scum, pure evil and they are making a huge play, the greatest ever, at least in the known history of humanity. We will not allow this. We have the power of light. We are the goodness being consumed by this plague. As it explains in this video, the crossroads are right here and right now. Will you succumb to slavery? Would you rather live enslaved, or die free? Think about it because these decisions are coming for all of you whether you believe it or not. Again, the theories are no longer theories, they are conspiracies and the rabbit hole seemingly has no end. So many of you are clueless but many of you are awake. Wake up the others. Everyone needs to unite and inform and educate one another. This is our humanity at stake. We aren’t in the 5th dimension yet, we are still here in this paradigm, all of us, together. There is a sinister cancer that is trying to infect and kill us all. We are our own cure, we are the antidote. They are only parasites, we have the power, we have the numbers. Fuck them and their weapons of war, WE HAVE THE NUMBERS. None of us want their conflict, but there will be no choice, you either fight or you die, it’s that simple. Now I am aware these words are striking but have no fear. That is important for al of us to know and comprehend, fear is our enemy. Make them be afraid, make them cower in fear. We are stronger, we outnumber them greatly, we are the force to be reckoned with. They deceive you with double-speak and magic tricks to make you fear them because they know we are stronger. It’s all a mind game, all psychology and they’ve been fooling all of you for a very, very long time. That time has ended. their tyrannical plan, exposed. They know that they have to either implement their agenda now or watch their empire crumble fast. Now which do you all think they are going to choose? Stop fighting yourselves. We all have a common enemy which should unite us more, not keep dividing us. That is what they want, division, chaos, because if we are not organized, they have greater advantage. This is happening people, this is going down, this is very real. This entire planet, our way of life, all of it, will be completely different a year from now, probably less, but I will stay conservative and retain some sliver of positive hope. But this has nothing to with optimism. All of you who have convinced yourselves that positivity can will away this monster are just being ignorant, and you know it. The fact is that the illuminati is real. Yes, they are real and they have a plan for global domination that involves the elimination of just about every single one of you. Not paranoia, not a fucking conspiracy theory, not fear-mongering, IT IS A FACT. This agenda 21 is documented, look it up. I have told you all about this over and over and over again and now… oh my, your narrator was right the whole time. How much damn proof do you all need? Your lives, your dreams, what you always thought the world was, are all not. Now you can all hate me or disagree with me all you want. Remember though, i am not being biased, i am only here to help you all help yourselves. I am only the translator. I am not messenger, no visionary, not a madman, my only role here is to translate the information out there for all of you to comprehend so you can see the truth behind their veil of lies. I could go on and on, but I need all of you to watch this video right now. Share it with your friends and family, share it via the social media, this needs to go viral now. If the MSM picks it up, that could just be the great spark that ignites all of humanity. The final seconds of the final minute are here now. I wish all of you find your way safely through all of this madness to the other side. No not the other side as in death, but just to the point when this agenda is behind us all and the illuminati are no more. The future is about to get unprecedentedly dynamic. I hope all of you fare well. Do not give in to fear. Remember that you exist from the unlimited energy of the love inside you. The light form that energy will guide you through these dark times. Stay informed, stay alert, be safe. Love to all.


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