Still Shaking

For those of you who dwell under rocks all day, there are still earthquakes rumbling the Solomon Islands. I quit trying to count them since I watched the 1st one go off live last night. Here’s that link for those of you who missed it: 

Have a look and see how much Earth-shaking is really going on, at least according to this site. Not sure what it all means, but there is a massive coronal hole on the Sun facing Earth-side as I write and you read. Some think the Sun’s coronal activity directly affects the Earth’s climate. I do not know or un-know, but as I have watched the Sun very closely over the last few months, i am definitely seeing some patterns emerging. So take a look at the site because the MSM isn’t reporting the increasing amount of strong aftershocks affecting this region in the South Pacific. Stay informed, stay aware, stay alert, eyes wide open. Love to all. 



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