Hexagon on Saturn

Well as I’ve said many times, I learn something new every day. Today is no different and there is still much of this day left to learn even more. As the headline reads, yes, there is a hexagon on Saturn’s North Pole. I will provide a link and a picture for you. Here you go: http://www.universetoday.com/98699/saturns-strange-hexagon-in-living-color/



As you can see, there it is quite clearly, a hexagon. Makes me think of a merkaba. That can be your word for today, merkaba. And what is a merkaba?…



You get to look up the definitions today. If you aren’t aware of what a merkaba is, inform yourself. Anyway, I think of the merkaba when I see this hexagon on Saturn. Mainly because it takes an energy we do not fully understand to create that hexagon, which about 4 Earths could fit in by the way. And if you look closely, in the middle is a massive circular storm raging. So we have Saturn, known for it’s colors and storms and rings and circularities, with this hexagon at the North Pole. Look again…



It makes no sense and apparently scientists are baffled, at least they claim to be. It will probably be a long time before any of you ever get the truth if ever, but at least now you are aware of this reclusive factoid. Look into it for yourselves, great knowledge to possess and it’s free to those who seek it. Do not forget to look into what a merkaba is all about also. Equally beneficial wisdom to have. Stay aware, stay informed. Love to all. 



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