Current World Map



If anyone is familiar with the game Risk, you will know that it is all about world domination, which happens to be the globalist agenda. The game can start with 6 teams at the most, so I gave 6 regions a shot in the current existence. This is purely for entertainment mind you. I am well-aware that this can interpreted in several ways. I do happen to be quite skilled at the game however, so I have confidence in my illustration. Here’s the map:



Here are the current players:

Blue: Globalist Regime, Bringers of the New World Order

Green: Russian Motherland

Red: Republic of China

Yellow: Axis of Extremism

Purple: Land of Africa

Orange: People of South America

Not too hard to see who the dominating player is. It can still change, but the fact is that when you play, the more you dominate, the greater your chance for total victory. The globalists really view it all as a real life game of Risk. They have their agenda and they are implementing it as I write and as you read. Think about it. What happens when the whole board is blue? Stay informed. Love to all. 

Link to Risk:



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