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My latest submission to my website. Just something I threw together that some of you may find interesting. Have a look, only about a 1000/1100 words, no big deal. But it may give you something to think about,… yeah, that could be it, some food for thought for you as they say. Who is they? Ever wonder why people say that? Are they the people saying that referring to their collective selves? Language is strange sometimes isn’t it? But I digress… take a few minutes, enlighten yourselves with some insightful words. I am here to help you help yourselves. Sometimes that strange language gets tricky, so I translate it so you can all understand it. Then once you understand, you can help others understand, and so on. Knowledge is a beautiful thing when it’s shared and used responsibly. Thanks for for reading and watching. Stay alert and stay informed, keep those eyes bright and wide open. Love to all. 



Next Step




What will happen here will determine the entire direction of the future of our species. One can speculate that it must be one or the other, the dark way or the light, there can be no true compromise. That is the way of this realm. That is nature of this dualistic paradigm of 3rd dimensional reality progressing through the 4th dimension of time from our perspective, in this collective existence we are all in together. Always a dark and light, good and bad, right and wrong. One might think that the battle should end. Especially once it comes down to such extreme finalities, compromises could be made, but that is only naïve wishfulness. It either is or is not, there has to be a one and not one in this world. Again, that is the way it is in this dimension. Light lives from love, dark lives from fear. The darkness feeds off of fear and the negativity that stems from that fear; hatred, jealousy, contempt, spite, anger. The light does not feed, it radiates the power of love and positivity to everything and everyone that can resonate love. We are all light, but many are shrouded on the darkness. Love thrives on a soul level, and on the collective energy of love that binds all souls and make us One humanity. Kindness, compassion, joy, empathy; these attributes come from love. There is only love and fear, dark and light. Which power does your energy lean toward? Remember, only two, love and fear.

In the aftermath of a great war, only two small groups remain. Small as in roughly 100,000 people in each, so in all, close to a quarter million left after climaxing at just over a 7 billion plus global population, so yes, quite fractionally small. Obviously, most of the population has been eliminated. The dark ones, the great deceivers, the evil deceptionists, the malevolent ones who instigated it all, the elitist scum who thought that they would be able to come out of the ashes of their great propagated war as a stronger force, more dominant then ever. They orchestrated the chaos and hell of planetary nuclear conflict to bring a new world order from that horrifying chaos. They were wrong. You see, once you unleash the monster of nuclear terror across a planet, there is no bringing that monster back. It only dies when it exhausts it’s own energy out. That is it’s only purpose, to annihilate until it blows itself out, and because of the folly of the few dark ones, the old world was blown away as well in fierce wind of nuclear holocaust. Almost no one was spared, except this remaining tiny percentage of a lost great humanity. Two groups: one dark, one light, still here together on a tiny piece of what is left of any land…

After all of the chaos and confusion of this World War 3, the sheer terror and obscene pandemonium, the sight of which alone could kill, here is this remaining humanity. Oddly in this final hour, there is still division, a near dead-even split between those who cling to dark and those who strive for light. Picture the scene: The two sides face one another atop a mountain in what is left of the Nazca plains. Unknown forces thousands of years earlier had cut the top of the mountain off, leaving a flat elevated mesa, overlooking the world below, and this is has become the final stage. This small piece of the world was spared the total devastation of nearly all other land masses across our once Divine and Beautiful Earth. To get to the end, they had to take it all down with them. But like the remaining survivors, some land still exists and here are these final people on this final stage making a final stand, in a final confrontation on top of this great and mysterious ancient mountain. In a flash, the forces converge on each other. All at once dark becomes light, and light becomes dark as the two forces clash into one another. Beams of light and bolts of electricity emanate from inside of the battle. For a moment it looks like a multi-colored inkblot that is alive and energized. There is a lot of flashing, very much like many strobe lights at once. There is no lasting definition, nothing is decipherable, it all just appears to be what I can only describe as a great maelstrom of varying energies. Numerous vortices, flares of countless dimensions and colors. It is not like normal war amongst humans. No screaming, no blood, no unnatural explosions. This is a determinant battle, a battle of the wills of two powers, form and energy have become interchangeable. And like an eternity in a second, as fast as it began, it has come to the end into a moment of absolute calm and stillness. The fallen vanish into oblivion. There are two light entities, and one dark figure left. They are locked in a pause, a split-second in time, that eternal fraction of a moment, and then the coup de grâce.

The darkness, ultimately evil incarnate, knows it is in checkmate, but will take at least one light with it, so it goes for the closest one of the two final lights. Blinding itself in rage toward the one light, the dark exposes itself to the other light. That other light, eternally noble and benevolent, guided by love, quickly charges and smashes itself into the dark, destroying itself and the final darkness, sacrificing itself to save the final light and ensuring the will of The Light is victorious. Now what was once an ending becomes a new beginning in the light of a great new dawn. Nothing ever really ends or begins, it is just a never-ending mechanism to be. We all are, were, and always will be. We are all part of the great energy of love that binds everything. This experience we are all in here together is just a part of our journey through this vast cosmos of dimensions, consciousnesses, and universes. This incarnation is simply a test for us. Are you light or are you dark? Are you good or are you evil? Every human being is light, therefore every human being is good, unless they allow themselves to give in to darkness. Now is the moment of the final minute of the final hour, and the moment of the first minute of the first hour. There is no choice to be light or dark. You are what you are and you know what you are so be what you are. Our future begins with a single light to guide the way for the first step. It will take the light from all of us to illuminate the new road ahead. Love to all. 


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