State-Run North Korea Broad Cast Spell

Watch this. Either this is real footage from North Korea State-Run TV or this is a North Korean actor for the CIA helping to promote another major false flag event via the MSM. Either way, the message is clear, but who is the real messenger? This rabbit hole doesn’t end my friends, just seems to go deeper and deeper as the great change grows closer and closer, faster and faster, moment by moment. Not only are we on the precipice, but our toes are hanging over the edge as if our little feet had grown just a little too big for the ground they once stood upon so boldly(Now that’s how you illustrate a metaphor). Worry not, have no fear, this 3rd dimensional existence is about to get really exciting. You all are about to make some real history. Let’s hope there is someone left to record it. Stay alert and stay informed everyone, eyes wide open.



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