Full Wolf Moon

“January is the month of the Full Wolf Moon. It appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages. It is also known as the Old Moon. To some Native American tribes, this was the Snow Moon.”


Tonight the wolves howl. Stay alert and be safe. Love to all.


Their World War 3 is Imminent

**BREAKING**  The Fordow nuclear facility in Iran has been destroyed and over 200 people are still believed to be trapped underground in the aftermath of the explosion/s which caused the destruction. Those explosives are already speculated to be sabotage by Israeli and/or CIA intelligence forces. This story is breaking now. The MSM is already trying to cover it up, but if you Google “fordow explosion,” you can find links, more and more by the hour. And for those of you who do not believe any reported news(and I don’t blame you), go here… http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php. This site shows every earthquake, tsunami, epidemic, explosion at nuclear facility, etc… look for yourselves. Right there in Iran you can clearly see a detailed icon that shows that there has in fact been an explosion at the Fordow site. You see how the MSM debates and orchestrates before they give you their “news?” This actually happened long enough ago to where the MSM and every news agency should be all over this, but they are waiting, why?

We also have the North Koreans suddenly supposedly declaring that America is their greatest adversary and that they are proceeding with advancing their nuclear capability to attack America with nuclear weapons. First of all, this came out of nowhere, did it not? Ever since the son replaced the father, the reports all suggested that it was a new age for the North Koreans, and now this? Secondly, to openly declare such a brazen threat to the greatest superpower in the world seems a bit irrational, does it not? I am using questions because I want you all to question the validity of any of this. Seems like the propaganda wants to encourage a nuclear war, even when they try to sound like that is not their agenda. It’s called double-speak. Like when dictator Obama says he won’t raise taxes, and then does. Like when dictator Obama says he won’t interfere with your 2nd amendment rights, and then creates executive orders to in fact, take your guns. Not just Obama, the whole regime, all of these globalist scum and their puppets think they can just use words to outwit the population. Double-speak. They have the confidence to use such methods because normally, their treachery works. Their great manipulation has worked for a long time, but not any more. 

What will you do? Any day now, any moment, day will turn night in a flash and the world will be yet again thrust into total chaos, except the level of chaos will be unprecedented. If another great war unfolds, this one will change everything forever. How can one truly prepare for such madness? Nuclear war, radiation, full militarization, no food, no water, no electricity, death, torture, enslavement, all the atrocities one might expect from past wars… squared. The devastation will be tremendous. Now am I speaking of a plausible future, or the future that is now coming for you all?

No, it’s quite plausible and in fact, probable. Those who control you and control this world have put it into their schedules that World War 3 is a go. They want it all destroyed, they want total collapse, that is the only thing they have left. Their only option to save themselves is mass war. They plan on coming in afterward and making their new world order from the chaos of the ashes of war. The biggest war ever, and they smile about it. They can’t wait for it to break out. War equals profit to them, they have no empathy for humanity. And they know they will be fine. While the population kills themselves in conflict, they sit back and watch, safe by their fireplaces. 

That is the reality of what is happening right now in this 3rd dimensional paradigm going through the 4th dimension of time. Did you think it would be easy to get back to the 5th dimension? Did you think that you could just meditate and be positive all the time and life would just be obstacle free and peaceful until your die and/or ascend? Oh no, no. Think again my friends. We haven’t even gotten to the real juicy part of our story yet. Now we are all about to make history and be part of what may prove to be the most dynamic time ever in our known records. It is coming, very soon, coming for us all.

There is a factor that no one can weigh in because no one knows for sure. That factor revolves around the possibility that some celestial event and or natural cataclysm could completely offset any agenda or current path we are all on. There could be an asteroid strike, an impact with a comet, a solar flare or several solar flares, alien intervention, severe planetary disasters such as floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc… So look at what we are all facing. It’s almost overwhelming to let it all soak in, but there it is, the reality of your reality. 

Stay alert and stay informed. Your eyes must be open before you can see. I know I say these things all the time, but I’ll keep repeating them until everyone gets it. Life, your life, my life, our lives, are all connected and all affected and infected by this fractional group of individuals that feed off of your innocence and your blood. They are parasites to your power. And before their rule ends, they are going to take you all down with them if you allow that. We must all go through this to get to the other side of it. Have no fear. Believe in the power inside you, the love you have for yourselves and humanity, believe and trust in it. That energy will get you across, just do not give in to fear. There is nothing to be afraid of. No matter what darkness and evil have planned, remember that you are the light and you are goodness. There can always be a light in the dark, do not forget that. Eyes wide open everyone, big changes coming very, very soon. Be safe. Love to all. 


State-Run North Korea Broad Cast Spell

Watch this. Either this is real footage from North Korea State-Run TV or this is a North Korean actor for the CIA helping to promote another major false flag event via the MSM. Either way, the message is clear, but who is the real messenger? This rabbit hole doesn’t end my friends, just seems to go deeper and deeper as the great change grows closer and closer, faster and faster, moment by moment. Not only are we on the precipice, but our toes are hanging over the edge as if our little feet had grown just a little too big for the ground they once stood upon so boldly(Now that’s how you illustrate a metaphor). Worry not, have no fear, this 3rd dimensional existence is about to get really exciting. You all are about to make some real history. Let’s hope there is someone left to record it. Stay alert and stay informed everyone, eyes wide open.