The Series is Complete

I just completed the bonus video for my 7-part series about the REAL history over the last 100 years or so. Not all of the history, but enough to get you all going in the right direction. i had to leave some stuff for you to all discover for yourselves. Keep in mind that I rehearsed none of it, there is no script, every word is purely stream-of-consciousness, from my view into your eyes and into your mind. As if we were talking in a conversation, same thing. I embellish nothing, I dramatize nothing, all I give you is truth. The truth speaks for itself. You have all been misled and deceived for so long. Now it is time to open your eyes and see. We are all One, all in this together, but we are currently definable in 4 groups…

There are the awakened ones, me, most of you who read this, all the others out there who are helping you help yourselves. We are conscious of what is really going on, we are seeking to bring everyone together as a unified humanity to realize the nature of the power inside ourselves. We are becoming one with that power and with Source, one with that Infinite and Divine Love that connects us all. We are shining the light into the darkness for all of you to see what the truth. 

There are the awakening ones. Those of you who have opened your eyes yet are not fully aware of what is going on, but you are learning and you are seeking to become fully awakened.  You have found the power inside you and yearn to discover any information that can help you grow. You know of your Higher Self and have almost shed your egos to become conscious and become One with that Higher Self. First you must truly learn to unconditionally forgive yourselves and love everything about what makes you you. Once you find that, you can radiate out to others. Soon you will be ready to help others help themselves.

There are the ones of you who are still asleep. You hear all this talk of an awakening and others becoming enlightened and it intrigues you, yet you still watch television, still consume too much, still stuck in your ego, but something inside you is telling you something. You can’t quite figure it out because your body and your brain are so polluted that it’s difficult to see. Your vibration is rising with all of ours, but you are ignorant of what these feelings you have are. Your own ignorance, and the ignorant attitude they brainwash you with, are all that stands in your way of awakening. We are nudging you to wake up, but it is ultimately up to you to open your eyes and see.

Then there are the totally ignorant, the sheeple, the mumpsimuses. There is no getting through to you all seemingly. You use every defense mechanism you can, you put up every wall, to shield you from the real reality. The blissful world of your own ignorance is all you think you need, but that will not save you. You will be the first to go. Your fear in your ego guides you. You have a brain and a heart and the electricity to activate both. Yet you waste that energy and waste your life staying blind to the truth. We want to help you all, but you must first want to help yourselves.

That’s a quick breakdown of the population. We are not divided, it only appears that way. We are all One, just in different states of being. Eventually, everyone awakens, whether they like it or not. You cannot hide in fear forever. So like I said, I finished the 7-part series, with a bonus 8th part that is subdivided into it’s own 3 parts. All are uploading right now and will be available for viewing shortly. We are at the very edge of the precipice and the whole boat is about to plunge over into the abyss. Do not be afraid, this great change is inevitable. This 3rd dimensional paradigm entails that we are all part of this struggle between good and evil. The light of the goodness of our humanity will defeat the darkness that is the globalist agenda, the illuminati. We have the power, we shall not succumb. There is no religion here, only spirit. Our spirit exists in this dimension now, but in greater dimensions in the big picture. We are endless, boundless, formless, all-knowing, all-seeing, beings of energy and light. This is only a test, this 3rd dimension. Be brave enough to accept the challenge. This is your life, your soul. Let go of negativity, let go of fear. Find the power of that Infinite Love inside you. that power will set you free. Stay alert and stay informed. Thanks for watching and reading. More to come. Love to all. 



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