Ladder to my Window

The more you know, the more you grow. The power of knowledge is the energy existing between cohesive information. Cohesion, bonding,… love. Yes, love is where the power from knowledge manifests. That is why knowledge is true power and they try to keep you suppressed from having too much of it. That is why it is crucial to learn as much as you can, while you can, because love is the only thing you can really take with you. But that is all you really need, isn’t it? Think about it. You want some new knowledge? The Earth once had 3 moons. You had no clue until I just now told you did you? Now you are aware. Spread knowledge, spread love, multiply the power of both in the process. Here is an excerpt from some Vedic text a mysterious source informed of. Mysterious because his identity is unknown, but he sends me info to share with all of you. Very detailed and informative historical info that none of you are aware of. Remember, only information. We are here to help all of you help yourselves. Sharing our knowledge is sharing our love for all of you, all of humanity. Those who you allow to control you do not want you to know the truth, and so we are here to shine the light for you, to wake you all up so you can open your eyes and see what is really going on. Below are some excerpts from these Vedic texts. I know not the exact origin, nor the context, but I can offer what I’ve been given. take it for what it is and keep in mind, I am only a translator. just because information is in your language, doesn’t mean you will understand. That is what I translate, the misunderstood into the understood to the overstood, got it? Stay informed. Love to all. 


Excerpt One, near the realm where the evolutionary generator is more positive, an outlet to the Source of Life:

“Secrets of birth of the herbage near the Source
were unknown to people till now…
Near the Source every plant
changed its properties and initial growth.
Mushrooms were meter in height,
provided with flesh of a stone.
Feather grass grew up to the span,
and berries of raspberry grew as trees.
What will happen to the Grass of Svarog,
when time comes and sprouts appear?
With what will the Source of Life endow the grass
Priests cannot answer this question”
Excerpt Two, parts A nd B, brief summarization of the loss of two of our three moons:
A:”The Slavonic-Aryan Vedas have been given to ancient Dravides and Nagas tribes in Ancient India but they have failed to save it in the way which had been given to them.
Fortunatly the Ancient The Slavonic-Aryan Vedas have been saved on huge lands of Siberia.

So from Vedas we know that our planet have a name.
The name of our planet in Cosmos (other civilizations know our planet as) is MIDGARD!!

Also from Vedas we know that our Midgard-Earth have had 3 moons. Yes exactly 3 moons. And we know their names
Fatta, Lelia, Mesiats.

Take a look of this Ancient cooper and gold disc which reoresent the 3 moons of our planet. It’s not a clock. It’s a picture of Earth’s sky from ancient past. Befor 112000 years. Why 112000?
Because our fisrt and smallest moon Lelia had been destroyed 111819 years ago (on 2012)”

B:”The point is that empty or destroyed planets-Earth are not necessary for Dark Forces. These space parasites need slaves who will develop for them the natural resources of their own planets, upon depletion these planets are usually destroyed together with the now unnecessary slaves, and the Space Parasites depart to their next planet-victim.

Light Forces knew all about this. Their strategy and tactic consisted in not allowing Dark Forces to create planetary catastrophes that cast civilizations of planets back to the primitive level. They also tried to keep civilizations from descending to it by minimizing both the activity of Dark Forces and the conse-quences of their activity.

Light Forces applied both methods on our Midgard-earth.
111 819 years ago Tarkh Dazdbog destroyed the Moon—Lelia—together with Dark Forces bases. However, it was impossible to avoid a catastrophy—Lelia’s fragments fell down on Midgard-earth, and as a result DaAria sank into the Arctic Ocean. However, the civilization of Midgard-earth was not cast back to the level of primitive savagery, and Dark Forces had to retreat.

Unfortunately for our Midgard-earth the second attempt was successful. The leaders of Antlan (Atlantis), having a negative evolutional warp, became conductors of Dark Forces and unleashed a planetary war for world domination 13021 years ago . They used a nuclear weapon and tried to rule over elemental forces of Midgard-Earth. They failed to control the situation and the second Moon—Fatta—began to fall on Midgard-earth.

To rescue the planet from destruction God Niy destroyed Fatta but the falling splinters appeared to be too large. As a consequence Antlan-Atlantis sank into the ocean abyss.
Moreover, as a result of the fall of Fatta’s splinters, the axis of Midgard-Earth changed its angle to 23.5 degrees.

Altogether it caused a great number of natural cataclysms and a new glacial age. Dark Forces finally got what they had longed for: after this planetary catastrophe the majority of surviving people came down to the primitive level very quickly.”

~ More to Come….


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