The word for today is cabalThis is a word we all hear every now and again, more-so lately. Do we really know what it means though? We do now, quite a simple definition. Below is the pronunciation, sounding out, synonyms, examples… but here is my definition: cabal: a selective group that engages in secret agendas via secret organizations. You will not find many variants on the definition of this particular word. It is a good word and it is rather sad to me actually that it carries such a negative connotation to it. Can there not be a cabal of goodness and love? Perhaps one day. Make use of the knowledge I share with you. I’m here to help you improve your lexicon as a part of helping yourselves. Learn for youself, not for anyone else. Knowledge gives you power. Be aware. Love to all. 

ca·bal  (k-bl, -bäl)


1. A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers: “Espionage is quite precisely ita cabal of powerful men, working secretly”(Frank Conroy).
2. A secret scheme or plot.
intr.v. ca·balledca·bal·lingca·bals

To form a cabal; conspire.

[French cabale, from Medieval Latin cabala; see kabbalah.]


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