The word for today is cabalThis is a word we all hear every now and again, more-so lately. Do we really know what it means though? We do now, quite a simple definition. Below is the pronunciation, sounding out, synonyms, examples… but here is my definition: cabal: a selective group that engages in secret agendas via secret organizations. You will not find many variants on the definition of this particular word. It is a good word and it is rather sad to me actually that it carries such a negative connotation to it. Can there not be a cabal of goodness and love? Perhaps one day. Make use of the knowledge I share with you. I’m here to help you improve your lexicon as a part of helping yourselves. Learn for youself, not for anyone else. Knowledge gives you power. Be aware. Love to all. 

ca·bal  (k-bl, -bäl)


1. A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers: “Espionage is quite precisely ita cabal of powerful men, working secretly”(Frank Conroy).
2. A secret scheme or plot.
intr.v. ca·balledca·bal·lingca·bals

To form a cabal; conspire.

[French cabale, from Medieval Latin cabala; see kabbalah.]

Stay Alert…False Flag Warning

Sources are revealing that everyone should be wary of a false flag event. Yes, another one. Apparently the environment is ripe for some other orchestration from some other secret government entity. The purpose, not yet defined, but most likely to increase fear and further promote their agenda of total control over all of you. This is not designed to scare you, we are not fearmongers, we are simply here to keep you informed so you do NOT panic and jump to false conclusions when they try to distract you, misdirect you, manipulate you, and deceive you all once again. This regime is failing and will continue to fail until they are no more as long we unite and stand together against this cabal in the light of truth. Believe in yourselves. they are the parasites, we are the energy they feed from. They will harvest you no longer. free yourselves. Eyes wide open. Love to all. 




2012 DA14

2012 DA14

This asteroid, this near-Earth asteroid, 2012 DA14 will be passing very, very close in about ohhhh…. 3 weeks. February 15th is the day. Notice the time I set at the bottom of the picture, 2013/02/15 at around 10:00 PM EST. This event will be something to see, that’s for sure, as it may appear brighter than the full moon if you can picture that. No this is not supposed to hit us, don’t be afraid. Only going to come close and put on an awesome light show we hope. This picture is from Stellarium. If you do not have this program, I highly recommend it. Very fun to play with and educational. Take it upon yourselves to make yourselves smarter. More about this asteroid to come as it grows closer. Love to all.


Still Not Clear on Dimensions?

This quick 10 minute vid ought to relieve any confusion you may have. This viewpoint acknowledges a “zero” dimension, which is not the interpretation I have. The overall consensus ends up being the same however, minus the discrepancy between zero D and 1 D. Nonetheless, it’s all good information that everyone should be aware of. If others around you do not know, try explaining this knowledge to them. There is nothing complicated about it. Actually it’s quite simple to comprehend if you know how to use your brain. Educate your minds. Stop taking your time for granted. Learn. This is part 1 of a 3-part series I believe. You know what to do. Love to all.