Between Dimensions

There is a wavy line between this dimension and the next. The chaos of that wave is the reality we find around ourselves right now at this moment. Do your part here, do your part there, be heard here, be heard there, once in the 5th will any of what we do now matter? Is there really going to be a 5th? Maybe I am a total madman… maybe you all are too, and we are all in the same asylum together. None of this is real, only a mass delusion, a magic trick, using holograms and subconscious suggestions. Is that not just as feasible as what we are all actually in right now?

What are we in right now? A world revolving around the vanities and egos and pride and greed of a fractional percentage of a 7 billion+ reported global population. This small group controls you all through their world monetary system. Yes they control everything, everything except the ones of us who are awakened to the truth and their plot to dominate the planet even further. They want you all to be their slaves, and the slaves will be controlled by their puppets, and the puppets are controlled by the puppeteers, and on top of all that, a corporation of a small few runs the whole show. 

They are the head of the beast. Beast is not biblical. Remember there is no religion here, only higher spirituality. This beast is a monster of power and slime and scum. The illuminati are nonhuman. They are this head, they care only about domination and unlimited power. They have no empathy or compassion, they are soulless. They are the face of evil incarnate. We have all been incarnated in this reality to either serve them or destroy them. Why it is this way is beyond our understanding. But it is what it is and we are all in this test together.

What test? The test of your soul. The test of your being, whether or not you exist to be a slave or as a free spirit. Yes that is what is going on, you are all being tested. Even if you do not think you are, guess what… you are. It will become more and more apparent in the days to come. Before we can all get to that higher state of consciousness, we must get through this test. It isn’t complicated when you say it, “Will you be a slave or not?” I would hope most of you would say, “Fuck No!” 

But most of you already are. Slaves to jobs you do not like, slaves to money, slaves to television, think about what defines slavery. They already have most of you enslaved but they keep you distracted from the truth. What will it take before you all see? Police coming to your house, taking your guns, arresting you, forcing you to move into camps? That is their agenda, that is what they are already putting forth, are you just gonna wait until there are no more options? Do you really feel that insignificant?

No matter what happens, when it’s all over we will be infinitely free and happy. This body is only the vessel for the soul to travel through this dimension. It comes and it goes, but the energy inside you exists forever. All of us are here now to do our part and balance out the flux between dark and light. Dark powers are attempting to overtake this reality. They are beyond evil. We are the Power of Light. All must be re-balanced and that is what we are doing. We are shining our Light upon the Darkness and awakening everyone from the dark spell they have been under. The struggle is far from over, but when the final battle comes it will be very quick. And afterward all will be bliss again for everyone. Remember who and what you all truly are. None of you is a slave, but do not desire to be a master, only seek to be free. Love to all.  



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