Open YOUR Eyes

Stop relying on the bullshit that the mainstream media(MSM) tells you all is “news.” 50 years ago there were 50-60 news agencies competing for information, now there are 4 or 5. They control the news, they broadcast what they want you to believe. Look at the word “broadcast,” a big cast, an encompassing web, designed to entrap you into believing what they tell you is reality. Stop believing it. You are allowed to question, you are allowed to speculate, you are allowed to investigate for yourselves. Look into these events and learn to be responsible for yourselves and the information you decree as true and false. The evidence is all there. There is no longer conspiracy “theory,” there is just conspiracy. These elitist scum care nothing for any of you, you are numbers, you are a herd to maintain. Detach from their control and get in touch with yourselves. Wake up. Love to all.



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