Keep your Eyes Open

Everyone needs to really pay attention to what is already happening. Yes, things are happening. Unusual things. Google is using tracking software on YouTube to monitor ALL OF YOU. This is not paranoia, not trying to stir up fear and anxiety, but yes, your illustrator observed this, and upon an extension of my research, I can 100% confirm that this is TRUE. Every vid you watch is bring monitored by a software program. Now that is not new, most people already know this, or I sure hope they do. However, there has been a sharp increase in the last day or two, the monitoring has evolved and is starting a process of mass info gathering and censorship and quite possibly, infiltration from yet another shadow agency of a government that is redefining the word fascist. Now like I said, do not get all freaked out. They made a move, now you must get together and start getting in the mindset that yes, they are orchestrating some quiet agenda to take control over all of you. It is beginning now. YES NOW. My time channelling to you via this blog is coming to an end. There is something coming. Not a beginning, not an end, after all I have discovered and now know, I cannot give you a definition of our very near future. But it is coming. All I can say is be ready inside yourself. Trust in the love inside you. That is all that really saves anyone. Love to all.



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