Okay for those of you keep asking me about or assuming that I am pointing out an approaching end. NO THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING. There is only a change, and that change is already occurring. Many people feel it, even the ones who go around all day and continuously define and re-define the meaning of troll. Remember that trolls are like that in real life too, so when I am gathering research I often look at the comments, as they are a reflection of just how far into trolldom many have gone. What a negative, ignorant, blind group, and that is the bulk of the population. So here I am pondering, I have a tremendous amount of knowledge, neither good nor bad, just knowledge, just information, and I wonder, does it matter if they just aren’t able to understand?

While you are doing your own investigating, and I really hope you are because to stay oblivious is to give in to fear whether you like it or not. Just because you still parade around in this illusion thinking everything that anyone says other than what you have already resigned yourself to know is not possible, or mythical in some way, or conspiracy theorist of course, just because you hide behind a blind eye doesn’t shield you from being corrupted by it. They want you to be ignorant, you are doing exactly what they want, not having to think too much. 

They? Who is this they? I could tell you and tell you all and tell you all again, but you can’t hear it. Not just me, the others who are aware of this, I look at their numbers, do a little math, and it’s just factual that about ohhh…. eerily 85% of you are clueless about anything I have, I am, or will ever report about. Eerie because a source informed me 85%, hopelessly blind and that sounds about right. This time is not about a specific date, it is about the revelation of the true nature of this reality, but what must happen for everyone to get this revelation?

No not any sort of biblical revelation, just a global revelation of what is really going on around this planet, our planet. The simple fact is that yes, most everyone is controlled through a small group that manages the world monetary system. Yes this is a fact. And why shouldn’t there be, what if you were connected to that small group, how would you feel then? Especially when you recognize how easily people in mass can be controlled by manipulating information, it almost is inviting to be part of that small group. 

That is the deception though, and most of them give in to it with a big smile on their greedy little faces. Think about their decision: Will I pledge my life and allegiance to those who control everything, gaining all of their knowledge which is kept from the masses, access to a much more resourceful life than any of the commoners will have, will I be part of this covert organization OR will I just submit to their guidance, let them handle the responsibility of knowing what life is really about, work my ass off for rubles, and eventually die after a life of indentured servitude? That is the big question they face. Now what do you think most of them pick?

Now there is you all, the common man/woman. Here is the decision you have: Will I just submit to their guidance, let them handle the responsibility of knowing what life is really about, work my ass off for rubles, and eventually die after a life of indentured servitude OR will I learn for myself about the true history of world, wake up and detach from the illusion, denounce these fascist scum that want to control me like I am livestock, and get in the new game? 

What is the new game? The new game is an information war. That’s all it is, but think about the gravity of this. Most everyone receives some base public education that teaches them certain versions of reality and past reality that simply are wrong. Deliberate misinformation to start guiding each new generation, each new herd. It is very corrupt. So corrupt in fact, that it is like rearranging a jigsaw puzzle with pieces hidden from the view of majority of you all. Not only are pieces hidden, there are pieces that aren’t even part of the puzzle, just put there to distract and frustrate those who seek to complete the picture. And on top of all this, what does the complete picture really say? 

We are here to dismantle and reconstruct what reality really is, here to help you all see what the picture really spells out for you. There is surely an awakening to all of this, but has it come too late? Has their foothold gotten so far-gone, so corrupt, that there is no way back other than some form of global purification? This information is out there, right out there like a grove a fruit trees. Eat some damn fruit and open your eyes. Why do you think the bible has a story about adam and eve and a serpent and a punishment from god if you eat from tree of knowledge? To scare you, to keep you from questioning, to keep you controlled. All a mass control mechanism. And you all love it. Or think you love it rather.

These things I read, illuminati and lucifer, the occult, secret rituals of the elite, sounds like you all have really gone out of your way to define the nature of your fears. The conspiracies, these organized religious groups, intentional mass misleadings of fact based on paranoia and lack of knowledge, all of it controlling you, more and more. Think about what you think you believe? Are those beliefs based on what you yourself have or have not experienced, or are they based on the symbolism someone else put behind it? 

Even now, as far as we are going to bring these factual truths out of the mist and back in the hands of a society that is losing itself to it’s own ego, even now, so many of you just come right back at it with instant judgement and hatred. The ones that control you will never truly win as long as there are those of us who believe in being truly free, but you have got to let go of their security blanket. You are all like children, with your little security blankets to hide under from the truth of what is really out there. Time to grow up when you realize that a security blanket really protects you from nothing, it was only an illusion.

Just because the awful truth of reality is shocking once you are out from under your blankets, does not imply that you should fear it. Learn it, learn the nature of what you have been led to think and what is really going on. How can you keep living in a life of fear? Why do you continue to hurt and conflict with others? All coming back around to what I said earlier. I look at the comments and the criticisms so many of you post on anything, whether it be a youtube video, or some news story, even in your actual lives, so many of you just hate. You love to hate. Think about that. You are loving to hate things. You still think nothing is happening around you? 

Disregard your bibles, your textbooks, the fake news and anything else on television for that matter, disregard all the misinformation and disinformation and just look around you. Stop, don’t just stop, STOP, right now, and look around. Feel the energy inside you and around you and just let your one true inner voice be heard. Can you do that yet, can you get it all down to one voice yet? If not, try. Look around and look what it has become, what is has truly become. Most of you will close your eyes, and hide back under your security blankets. What a waste of human potential.

So as I have ended every other blog I have illustrated for you, I want to say love to all. I have not lost any way that I was going, I simply over-hope in all of you. You all have a chance to wake up from a deception so obscene, so carefully masterminded, then executed upon you masses. Meditation, vibration, all of that, I admit it, I over-reached by over-believing in humanity. It is difficult enough just to wake you all up, much less tell you about what happens after. No point in going right to algebra without covering basic math right? 

That Divine Love, Source, all that i have spoke of so much, you can worry about that after you realize what your life is really worth. The future was hazy, but now it is very clear to me, but none of you can know what i know, you must go find out for yourselves. I have given countless hints and links and verbal segways and foundations, but there is so much, too much for most of you. You all just need to stop being hypnotized and brainwashed by your televisions and the will of the globalists that feed off of you, but yes, it may be too late. When it is far beyond too late, when you no longer have the choice to enrich yourselves by seeking truth, maybe then it will click in. There is an information war now, and we are on the front lines, but it is up to YOU to seek out real information and quit fighting and differing with each other. It’s a societal plague on a global scale and it has to end. They want you all separate, they want you to conflict, because once you have all exhausted yourselves, they can come in and take over total control.

“What can I do about it?” – this is what I hear constantly. Be aware, be conscious of the fact you are being owned. You were made into a corporation when you were born, and the corporation of you is owned. That is how wealthy these elitists have become, they own everyone. Stop allowing this. You are free, not what they have portrayed as freedom, you are truly free if you know what it truly means. Educate yourselves. Un-learn what they have taught you, and learn from what you can see is real with your real eyes. Your security blankets shield your eyes, but they are still on the outside of it. Change yourselves before they change you into what they want. Love to all. 





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