So Much

After many long moons, here you are. Where are you though? At some nexus of what is and what you thought it was? Or still in the bliss of your ignorance? You know the real answer. Sure I could keep telling you one thing, showing you another, but most of you are so brain dead that you immediately assume that is negative. Wrong. I am pointing out blatant factualities. But you don’t listen, so many. They dangle the stranglehold right in front of you and all hide behind this lone statement: ” What can I do about it? ” You have defeated yourselves and you use that singular statement as a your detritus on an excuse. You are all on the generic isle, all uniform, all afraid, sheeple. Smarten up. There is no more time to waste. Falling on deaf ears but I still shout. What are you really doing about anything? Follow your shepherds, right over the edge? Good luck. Love to all that can even understand what that really means or just love to all?



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