The Herd….. YOU? This is Only Part One, Seek More Truth For Yourselves

It is good that this information is out here for all of you, but it is bad that most of you are not or are incapable of being aware. Where is this train going? Just going to sit back and keep being a passenger? The train is your prison and the ones supposedly driving it have you programmed to not see the living truth. They need the herd complacent, they need you docile and obedient. You are shackled to your seats with the keys in your laps but still you want to stay onboard this train? The power to get off has always been inside you, but they have tricked you into believing that this is the only train to get to your destination of happiness and contentment. There is so much more than all of this, this 3d world you stay attached to. Unimaginable possibilities in higher dimensions at greater frequencies, existing purely from the boundless energy of the Unconditional Love between yourself and Source; this awaits those that have the courage to let go of their egos and the fear inside those egos. Why stay blind when you have eyes you can see the real truth with? The evidence, the history, the real reality, has and is being dismantled and revealed by us translators for you to help you help yourselves. These are all just symbols though, attached meanings to certain words. I can do this all day, putting up these video symbols for you, writing a perspective you can build from, but then you would just be accepting the meaning I offer to those symbols rather then thinking for yourselves. This is knowledge that exists somewhat instinctively in all of you, but from the moment you are born, you are cued to forget and to un-know your full potential. Over time, the societal structure they have displayed through the mass media (which they control) is the symbol you have identified for leading to success and achievement and ultimately, happiness. Yes it is kind of like the Matrix. You’ve been hypnotized. Yes, everything you thought you knew about your shared history has been manipulated to deceive you into accepting certain meanings behind certain symbols as truth. The television was created to program you, but I have said that countless times, and I do not want to bury myself as a messenger and illustrator of the grotesque illusions they have manufactured, but rather the messenger of empowerment, to raise you back up to your higher selves, to help you remember what you are. Sometimes I may seem negative, but that is and has never been an intention because that would imply bias. Remember, like I have repeated numerous times, I am only the delivery guy. You made the call and ordered the food when you clicked on here and started reading and searching for meanings to these symbols that are revealing themselves to you. You can see what I offer on my menu, nothing too fancy, just building blocks, mostly appetizers, a few main entrees. YOU are the eater of the information I bring. All of this begins and ends with YOU. YOU alone can accept or deny or believe or disbelieve anything you want. This is not secret information any longer. This plan of worldwide, one government rule, has been exposed. There is all kinds of information out here for you to sort through. Maybe that is what they want, because they are gambling on the fact that the acknowledgement of the existence of this elite ruling class will drive most of you to become even more afraid and complacent. Stop being afraid. YOU must let go and detach from your conformity to their debt enslavement existence. Your soul is only free if you refuse to accept that they have made a corporation out of you, another number in the herd. Go ahead, open your real eyes. Look around. yes it is all fucked up, we have established this, now what are YOU going to do about it? You are at the edge of the edge, now what will you do, be pushed over or jump? The ride is about to get really exciting, an unprecedented display of fireworks and smokescreens that will either truly set you free, or continue holding you down, still bound to your seats, the keys to the kingdom, right there on your laps. Use the keys to unlock and free yourselves. Walk through the door and into the next room. You find that that room leads to an infinite number of other rooms and walkways and paths you hadn’t thought you could think of. What an adventure! Pay attention to what you eat. Meditate. Find your Higher Self and become what you truly are. That is what it means to wake up. Awakening has nothing to do with some ritual or event, I have said this already, it is simply the initiative to turn the switch back to the “on” position. Then when you see the real truth behind the veil, you must learn to re-learn what you already have always known. That is the test and the challenge, existing from your soul, rather than ego. Easy for me to say, now what will YOU do? Time to shine. Love to all.



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