All Parts of the Story

Be sure to watch the whole series of those last videos. There are like 4 or 5, roughly 10 minute each segments. Information IS power and you will need all of your strength for the whirlwind that is coming. As we get closer to the Winter Solstice you are going to be blown away by the chain of events that unfolds. No matter what those events bring about, it is detrimental that YOU ARE WITHOUT FEAR. You are a solar being of light, you are Divine, let go of the fear of losing this 3d shell you are all stuck in. This is a test. Do not be afraid of the future. With total inner freedom comes the responsibility of existing unconditionally from that Divinity inside you. Fear is only a hinderance, it is anti-love, it is a slower vibration. Let go of all you have convinced yourself of that you fear to lose. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you love yourself unconditionally? Can you forgive yourself for the mis-steps of your past and move upward in positivity? These are the tests you will face in days to come. Trust and believe in yourselves. I believe in you. ALL OF YOU, even the ones I know will not see beyond the illusion. I love all of you, but you must all learn to love yourselves and then each other. I am only a messenger, a translator of symbols. This dualistic consciousness, the struggle between your ego and soul, this reality of existing in this slower vibration, this can be the last time for you. YOU alone have the power to re-learn to be your Higher Self and Ascend back up to the higher dimensions. The first step is to accept that you are Divine and give your ego self in to your Divine Self. Recognize your ego and let it go, let it die, that is the way back to where you fell from. I have shown you the way to take that first step back, where you all go from here is up to you. Have courage, your heart is free. Trust in your instinct to follow where that light inside you guides you. You are more than you know, much more.  Love to all. 



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