My Gifts

Yes, I will be here until the change, or the end, or the beginning, or all three. 30 days, I will give you something each day, something to help you help yourself. And if nothing happens, I’ll be here that day also, to remind you that you still need to resonate at a higher vibration, that you still need to be your Higher Self. Listen to you, I am only a being of light typing words here that you can make some sense of. All you need to know is in you. Could you survive a cataclysm if something like that were to go down? Do you know anything about purifying water? What if a solar flare takes down the grid for months, years? Can you handle that mass panic? What if all of us, enlightened, unenlightened, awakened, still asleep, get stuck here together during the biggest catastrophe we know of being recorded? Are you just going to freak out and hope something Divine saves you then? So many of you don’t even know what i am talking about, the more I go out in crowds I can sense it, the distance between you all, and none of you care, so content in the bliss of your own ignorance. You are going to have to care one day, one way or another, something will spark that need to be One with all and stop living in the duality of conflict. It is inside you all, but you still keep your eyes closed, you stay attached because you are afraid of what might happen when they no longer control you. 85%/15%. Who will go where, will any of us go anywhere, where is there? 30 days, 11:11 UST, all of you will see or not see, it is within in you to look through your true eyes. Learn about clean water. Love to all.



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