Barely a Month To Go

My apologies for any negative impressions any of my readers may have gathered from my last few posts. Bottom line is this and listen very carefully: EVERYTHING IVE TOLD YOU IS REAL. I have found new evidence that yes, we are very close to the verge of something coming that is going to change everything. 36 days and a few hours. You will all see. The unfortunate part is that only roughly 15% of all 7 billion+ people on this planet are going to make it. That means 85% of you are doomed for some other 3rd dimensional destination. I wish you all the best and love you all unconditionally, but so many of you are lost and this way you all walk is the wrong way. But you won’t listen, you won’t wake up, and that is a decision inside yourself, it has nothing to do with me or me trying to help you help yourselves. That is the real reality. Believe me, do not believe me, I am preparing myself and those scarce few that are coming with me. The rest of you have to find your own way, Time is too short to tell you to wake up anymore. If you do not get it, then you don’t get it. If you feel content in your beliefs and think I am just spewing word vomit, then good luck. Hope it takes you where you are happy. I know where I am going, just not sure exactly how yet, but I do know it is coming for you all. Do what you need to do for you. Don’t fall back into the illusion of what these illuminati scum want you to believe. Oh by the way, Israel just unleashed a devastating bombing campaign in Gaza. While coincidentaly, States are filing petitions to secede from the Union. They want war, they want you to buy into it, they want you to believe they are the terrorists. Who bombs the fuck out of countries that defy them and don’t freely offer their scarce natural resources? America does so who are the real fucking terrorists? And now it’s about to ignite in America, from the inside. Ouch, it is so hard to stomach for you isn’t it? Nazi America, and it’s about to get so much worse. But 15% of us are ascending beyond the conflictive duality of this reality. That’s where I will be. Where will you be? Think about it. Your time is so short, but I’m just some madman who doesn’t know what he is talking about right? I would bet my life on it, would you? Get yourselves ready. Or don’t. Not my problem anymore. Love to all.



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