Part of Me for You

This is some stuff I dug up from long, long ago. It is an excerpt from 50ish or so pages I jotted down one night in some freakish state of heavy, heavy intoxication of all sorts in those drug-addled college days. Way out there, yet that was where I had to go to bring this back for all of you to read. Good poetry to throw out for a first go-around. Either way, read for yourself: 


fresh and new,


in morning dew.

Baby infant,

in the crib,

pray for you,

to burn your bib.

Learn your math,

your multiplication,

built by them,

for fascination.

Everything you think,

is wrong,

discard your kings,

a mirrored song,

and maybe you will get the job,

they keep at bay for you one day.




Wrote circa 11 years ago. Question yourself before you question me. Love to all.



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